Saturday, 21 July 2018

24, and ..

two years,
Two years since I have last written something on here.
I am one who believes that nobody knows what will happen the next day,
Somewhere, some place,
Laughters, cries, newborns and growing old; they are happening on this very day, very moment.
Two years it has been, multiplying 365 to 2.
Many things are different for me now.

Moving to city of London with a job I am passionate about is my greatest achievement so far,
and yet, every gain comes with consequences,
I have lost some as I won.

I was told a story;
A single mum of two in her 40s,
travelling on her own to Turkey.
Just to meet the one she claimed she loves,
She has only just started to pick up Turkish, their culture,
Met only once couple months ago, and she claimed she loves him.

I was confused -
who is she to think that she is the love one for his life,
is this worth her making this trip,
Myself, 20 years much younger than her,
Just like any other person,
has advised her not to make this trip.
It then struck me,
an answer is what she wants.

We all want answers;
it would be great if we know what happens the next day,
foreseeing our future,
knowing what can be avoided in advanced
and where to put in additional effort to get double the return.

I personally believe that some things are better left unanswered,
frustrating, it really is,
the more you are eager to find out,
the more the answers get confused,
the more frustrating it gets.

I have watched Set it up recently,
it was just another chick flick movie,
there was a quote that goes;

"You like because, and you love despite"

There are many things we can all relate to with this quote in our lives,
but how many is there that we swore that we do,
when its otherwise without realising.

I am 24, and we are all different.

Lots of love,
zhiwei x

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