Thursday, 31 October 2013

London Stop #1


I was waiting for this day for ages so very patiently. My bunch from college gathered from all over UK to see each other. It sounds kinda touching, but no. IT IS VERY TOUCHING. It used to take me about an hour to get to London from Oxford. My journey this time round took me around 4 hours, which was pretty tiring but was all worth it.

The next morning, we've decided to go on a picnic at Hyde Park. Hyde Park is supposed to be really beautiful when it's sunny. While the others prepared, Divya and I helped a little by washing the fruits; we felt a little useless not being able to help much though. 

Pictures & pictures ;

The picnic at Hyde Park plan didn't turn out well cause the rain was pouring like crazy even though the weather forecast stated that it'll stop at 2pm. We still had a picnic but in my friend's living hall.

Fortune cookies for each of us to begin with ;

That was one healthy picnic ;

We were pretty much bloated after one heavy brunch. We had much more than the pictures I've taken, didn't really bother to take pictures cause the food was definitely stopping me from taking them. We just couldn't stop eating. Literally. One thing I love about them is that we don't judge each other about how much we eat and how we look. It feels warm inside.

And yes, we had Korean for dinner after taking an afternoon nap (I think I was the only one though). How did we managed that, I'm not sure. I don't quite recall which street Hankang is at, but their food is just simply amazing. I like how I'm always saying the foods are great in all my posts, I think I get satisfied very easily.

I apologise for having only two pictures of our meal cause after these two dishes, the rest came in like how queues form during BigBang's concerts. The table was filled with food. Literally. This is why I love dining out with them as well. *Love is in the air*

After dinner, Nicole & I went on a stroll in London while the others went to Genting & showered ;

That pretty much summed up my day in London. 

Happy Halloween people! Have a great nightout!
zhi wei x

Monday, 28 October 2013

Egg Café


Here I am, in Starbucks, sipping the Halloween edition's salted caramel hot chocolate. I absolutely love it, do try it people. I'm having reading week for this whole week, which is amazing, we all do need a break from all the anatomical terms and revise them all over again. Lovin' my Ursula top. Heh.

The other day during our lunch break, my course mate introduced this café to us. It's a vegetarian café and to my surprise, I really like it there. Yes, it's the one with bright purple entrance. The café is right at the top of this building. It's quite hidden in town, another reason for me to love it.

Look at this place, I love how the leaves actually look nice with the purple background ;

The best thing that they have is hot chocolate, WITH SOYA ;

Soup of the day ;

Fresh Hummus ;

Veggie spicy burger ;

They serve foods in really large portion, with healthy sides and pastas. It's really worth every penny you pay. Plus, since it's quite hidden, it doesn't get so busy so you don't have to shout to talk to your friends. I'm definitely visiting again for the soya hot chocolate. Yumms.

Have a great week ahead!
zhi wei x

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Stepping into Cardiff #3

Hello there!
I've been updating a lot so far. I think I'm doing a pretty decent job in blogging. I've realized that me blogging is not about how many readers I get, it's more about me looking back and see how much I've done so far in life (Me being cheesy again). Someday I would want readers liking my posts, if that's technologically possible or commenting on them saying that they love reading them.

"When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are,
     Anything your heart desires, will come to you."
                             - Walt Disney 

No can do, I barely see any stars here. I can't even differentiate an airplane and a star in the sky. Plus it's gloomy everyday with raindrops falling on my head. Anyway, this will be my final post about my trip over to Cardiff. The day before I came back to Liverpool (it feels weird not being able to say going back to Oxford anymore but Oxford will always be my home away from home to me, get it?), we went over to some shopping mall, which has the shadow of Pavilion mall back home, to have Japanese. 

Just us while waiting for the foods to be served ;

The waitresses were really, really friendly in their Japanese style. The restaurant was supposed to open at 12.30pm and they let us in 15 minutes earlier cause we looked desperate for food.

Just me drinking my hot matcha. This green tea costed £2.50 and it's not refillable. WHAT THE TOOT ;

My oh-em-gee-this-looks-amazing fake look, but the foods were absolutely delightful ;

And that's her oh-okay-this-is-the-correct-order look ;

I am seriously just this excited every time when I dine out ;

Unagi bento set ;

Fried tofu bento set ;

Roasted green tea ice cream. These are seriously the bomb. You HAVE to try this if you ever going to visit. They have a branch in Birmingham as well ;

After our meal, we decided to snap a few pictures of me proving that I've been to Cardiff. Not that it's the priority. Since my cousin is there at the moment, I would definitely be visiting there quite often. And yes, it rained when I was about to leave. I can't believe Cardiff loves me so much that it can't bear to watch me go. Don't worry Cardiff, I'll be back soon. *kiss kiss*

I really like this bendy arch thing. It looks like a C if you tilt your head to the right. It's like an artistic way of representing Cardiff. I think I have talent. Whut.

Just me on the way back in the train. Will definitely visit Cardiff some other time. 
Sweet dreams my lovelies!
zhi wei x

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Stepping into Cardiff #2


Here's a continuous post when I was in Cardiff visiting my cousin. We had buffet for dinner the next day at Red Hot World Buffet. It's probably everywhere in England, but there were so many foods and I went crazy. Literally.

They even have a gigantic globe at the middle of the restaurant. The best part about this globe is that it spins round and round and round and round. *Totally impressed*

Look at the booths ;

The dessert booth is my favourite and you can eat as much as you want. I was smiling the moment I got escorted to my seat till the moment I left the restaurant. The people might be thinking that I was nuts.

Just us with our satisfying faces ;

The toilets even looked really pretty. I'm always so in love with seashells & white stones decorations, especially in toilets. No matter where you put them, they will always make the toilets look really sweety grand.

Just me smiling at my reflections cause I always wonder who's this pretty girl I see every morning. HAHAHA.

My cousin decided to watch Running Man instead of chatting with an amazing cousin of hers who travelled all the way to Cardiff to visit her.

I love her room, it's just so me. With the cupcakes and pink soft toys and everything. *Love is in the air*

Have a great night! *smug face*
zhi wei x