Sunday, 13 October 2013

Throwback Summer #3 ; Food trips

Hello there! Here's another throwback summer post. Malaysia is famous for our good foods. And yes I admit, one of the reasons why I'm always wanting to go home is because of the foods. Evon had been bringing me around to try all these amazing foods which she has been eating when I was away from home.

One of the first few places she brought me to try was the Nadeje cake. It was originated from Malacca, one of the states in Malaysia and they have branched in KL. It tasted really, really good though. Evon and I took turns to take one layer each. Silly us. *chuckles*

Heeeeyyyyy ;)

Another place she brought me to was '记得食'. It's pronounced in Cantonese, meaning Remember to eat. They mainly serve desserts and I remember them being so delicious. We've ordered these desserts which had shaved ice in the middle, covered with honeydew and mango sago each. There were honeydew and mango fresh fruits, and more sagoes at the bottom and both of us went like WOAAH. 

Honey dew ;

Mango ;

This is peanut soup, 花生糊. It has a gooey texture and we've added black sesame stuffed dumplings in it. Best thing about this dessert is that it's not too sweet cause most places usually make it so sweet that you'd think you'll get diabetes on the spot ;

We went to Big Hug Burger for dinner with Joey and Simone as well. No, it's not an illusion. The burger is just so huge. Evon and I thought we should share one and I'm so glad we actually did.

This burger was one of the nicest burgers I've eaten when I went back home. I love the fries when dipped in the sauce. I'm pretty sure it's thousand island but I don't remember eating fries with thousand island sauce though.

Just us with our burger ;

Good night everybody! Sleep well. 
zhi wei x

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