Sunday, 31 May 2015

Made In Penang; Penang #1

Hello everybody!
Summer is already around the corner, I can't wait to explore the world and go home again soon. Sorry for the lack of updates because I have been busy with work. Anyhoo, here's a post from last summer when I visited Steph and her fams in Penang. 

First stop: Made In Penang 

It's an interactive museum in Penang, not too sure but I think it's newly opened. It wasn't too packed when we were there and we all definitely had so much of fun. I think it's a good spot for families to spend time together. I find the arts in this museum very well-drawn and they're fun to play with too. 

How can a person dislike something as amazing as durian. 

Turtles are adorable, aren't they? 

Yes, we're married. HAHAHA.

Second stop: Penang delicacies
Penang is famous for their ridiculously cheap and amazing food. Unfortunately I haven't got much time at that time to eat as much as I can. I hope to go back again soon with an empty tummy though. 

#1 Cendol
Don't be frightened by the green worm-shaped thing. Those are the main ingredients in this dessert. It's not a jelly like texture but it's somewhat like it. You will get what I mean if you were to try it. I literally finished this bowl of goodness in 10mins. 

#2 Penang Har Mee
This is another amazing soup-based noodles, originally from Penang. It was too spicy for me but I love it. I'm weird like that. It does not taste anything like the instant Penang Har Mee you see in supermarkets. I couldn't finish it 'cause I couldn't take the spiciness. HAHAHA. What a Malaysian.

Have a great Sunday! 

Lots of Love,
zhi wei x

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