Monday, 29 September 2014

Redang Island, Kuala Terengganu #1

Oh. My. God. Isn't this paradise? 

Does this look familiar to you?

Stay tune for the amazing Redang Island xx.

Lots of Love,
zhi wei x

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Las Vegas; Caesar's Palace #2

Greetings everybody!
It has been a really busy week. Please bear with my slow updates compared to my summer break. I'm starting to love my busy university life to be honest. Anyway, LAS VEGAS BABY! We arrived late at night and was so worn out. Therefore..

.. The next morning at The Strip x

I will be back for you, Hakkasan. When I'm legal. Wait for me!

Las Vegas is basically, casino hotels, hot weather, good looking people, hot bods, parties, parties and more parties. I absolutely love it. If I have the money, I would want to fly to Vegas every summer. Our first stop, Caesars Palace.

We settled down at The Cheesecake Factory in the hotel for late lunch. It's a chain restaurant that is all over the states but the England tourists haven't had it before. Yes, like it's name. They have different types of cheesecakes. 

Our only two group pictures and they are both super fail HAHA. 

Couldn't ask for better companions though x

Ready for some amazing food pictures?!

*drum rolls*

Hawaiian Pizza

Crab cakes

Firecracker Salmon

Spicy Chicken Chipotle Pasta

Chicken Piccata

Chocolate Tower Truffle Cake

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake (Spot that greedy hand)

Toasted Marshmallow S'mores Galore

They. Were. Amazing. We just stuffed the foods into our mouths without mercy and consideration HAHA. It was literally like barbarians invading the restaurant. I can't decide which were my favorites cause I love them all. Honestly, I'll be the worst food taster ever cause I love everything I eat. I am that appreciative. We walked around the gorgeous hotel after our meal.

Overall, the service was amazing. No doubt we had to pay a certain amount of tips for the good service. Despite having the restaurant being all packed, the staffs were all super alert. They respond to you so quickly that you didn't even realized that they were looking at you when you had your hand up. However, their photography skills.. (Refer to the group pictures above) I guess it's the bad lighting in the restaurant as well though.

Caesar's Palace has a shopping mall within. More pictures and updates coming up next x

Lots of Love,
zhi wei x

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Las Vegas; The City That Never Sleeps #1

Helloo party animals! 
Are you ready to have neon lights shining bright into your eyes and imaginary Dubstep blasting in your ears?

We were warmly welcomed by countless rows of slot machines at the airport. I can only imagine people start playing these machines when they first touch down. And when they lose all their money on their first day, they can just take the next flight back home wtf. HAHAHA.

Yes, Las Vegas update coming up next. Stay tune xx.

Lots of Love,
zhi wei x

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

阿里山 Alishan; #1

Hello there everybody!
As you may or may not know, I went on a trip to Taiwan with my family over the summer. That was my third time visiting Taiwan and I am definitely going back again. The only three things I love about Taiwan are their foods, their shopping and their boys. HAHAHA.

We spent most of our time in Taichung. We then took a day trip to the famous Alishan. It's that famous mountain from the Chinese nursery rhyme "阿里山的姑娘美如水啊 阿里山的少年壯如山阿~". Never heard of it? Google. 

Hello there, selfie on the bus 

We stopped for a break on our way up to the mountain. It was already so pretty even half way up. 

Don't you think so? x

This fruit stall caught our attention. Yes, it's a fruit. 

One of the amazing thing about Taiwan stalls is that they love giving out free tries. They won't bug you to buy their products even after having as many rounds of free tries as you want. HAHAHA such an Asian thought. I thought that fruits were alright though. They tasted just like roasted chestnuts to me.

We went for a stroll in 老街. It means Old Street if you direct translate it to English. We were told that this was the oldest street market in that area. They sell Taiwanese gifts, souvenirs and lots of foods. I was already so happy walking around here.

This is the most famous Bento shop in that street, which has operated for 60 years. We've all got these for lunch for the journey as we were running out of time. Bento shops can be seen everywhere in Taiwan. Bento is the best thing ever 'cause it's so convenient, cheap and this particular one tasted super amazing.

.. And then we came across this abandoned train station at the end of the market. There were not any trains around. Promise. Everywhere looks so green and eco-friendly here.

Stay tune for Alishan next xx.

Lots of Love,
zhi wei x

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Cultura, Bangsar

Hello there, readers! 
The life of waking up at 7.30am starts tomorrow. It will be the first day of my second year in university. I'm super excited and reluctant at the same time. It's so hard to drag myself to books and anatomy once again after such a long, long break. But I really wanna learn more at the same time. Please treat me well, second year. 

Anyway, Baby b brought me to Cultura for tea during summer. She was saying how it used to be another café before this. I think the café's interior is super cosy. It really feels like home, where you can draw on walls and have little curtains hanging around at random places.

Agree? x

We've ordered their green tea moose cake to share. Honestly, that was the best green tea cake we have ever tasted. I have always been a hardcore green tea fan but one of the worst green tea products I've tasted was Secret Recipe's green tea cheese cake. Ever since, I never had good impressions towards green tea cakes. This was seriously an exception.

It has got chocolate chiffon-like texture base with green tea flavored moose on top. The chocolate nor the green tea did not tasted overly sweet. Their green tea tasted so much like the real deal. Way, way better than the one I've eaten in Secret Recipe. Both flavors blend so well in your mouth that you couldn't resist but to have another bite.


Foods definitely taste so much better with your best companion. 

So much love with baby b xx

Do drop by for a visit some day. It's worth the try xx.

Lots of Love,
zhi wei x

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Giordano's, Chicago #3

Hello my fellows!
Summer is officially over. Yes, I'm emphasizing it again and again cause I'm having a serious summertime sadness here. I want summer to start all over again. Uni is starting next week and let's hope we all don't catch the freshers flu. Do expect a coughing orchestra on campus next week though!

Anyway, remember I was saying we were heading for lunch in Chicago?

Introducing: Giordano's

I was recommended to visit here by a friend before flying to the states. Apparently this is a must-try place in Chicago. Why? You will find out when you see the foods we've ordered. To give you a little thought, it is like durian from Malaysia. It is either you love it so much or hate it even thinking about it makes you sick.

Here's one way to decide whether to visit:
 Hate cheese? Forget it.
Love cheese to the point where you want to marry it? Just stay in this restaurant.

When guys talk about footballs and cars; Zian posing for the camera; Me trying to understand this situation

My everybody-is-ignoring-me face

It took them quite a while to serve our orders as it was full house when we visited. Are you ready to see our foods? Excited, aren't you?



Thick Hawaiian Pizza

Oh. My. God. Look at them cheese! Too much cheese. Too. Much.

Honestly, I'm not a super duper fan of cheese. I don't hate it but I don't mind having it, you know. Zian hates cheese so much, so we've specially ordered the next pizza for him. Otherwise he wouldn't eat the previous one. That is literally how much he hates it.

BBQ Chicken Cheese-free Pizza

Us four people couldn't even finish these two pizzas. Just imagine the amount of cheese served and the sizes of the pizzas. Honestly, I didn't have pizza ever since that meal. I still need time to recover from excessive amount of cheese. 

It was time to fly to the next city after lunch. Where did we headed to next?

Yes. It's time to paaaaarty, everybody!

Have a sweet dream!
zhi wei x