Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Ladurée, Harrods

Hello there!
I've made a trip down to London during one of the days in summer to meet up with ma brother and girlfriend. I love taking random trips down to London but I cannot imagine having myself to stay there permanently. The lifestyle there is too hectic for me.

... Introducing London!

Feels like home :')

This is the stop for Harrods if you're planning to visit Harrods by any chance

I love the food department more than anything else in Harrods. They have so many cute little souvenirs everywhere. It's so colorful and so happy in here but there are too many tourists. Too many. 

Harrods looks amazing, doesn't it?
Look at Greedy Smurf. Much adorable. Brother didn't wanna get it for me though *cries in the corner*

We then headed to Ladurée spontaneously for tea. Ladurée is located behind Harrods. It may not seemed like it but I'm pretty sure it is linked to Harrods. The interior is super pretty. I personally think it's nothing like Paris but it's very gingerbread man & unicorns instead.

There was a queue when we were there. It was not a long wait though. The place is quite huge. There's two floors to it and we were escorted into this small room in the corner of the café.

It was full house indeed.

We've only ordered afternoon tea for one person as we were not that hungry and it was almost time for dinner. Here's the menu 

I love my teas 

Must I emphasize again that it's pretty inside? 
Look at them macaroons ♡

It's not very Paris but gingerbread man & unicorns instead, is it? Happy summer everybody!

Lots of love,
zhi wei x

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