Monday, 15 September 2014

Lounge On The Park; Mandarin Oriental

Hello there! 
Summer is officially over as London decides to be chilly out there. I really do not like the feeling whenever I first touch down when I'm back from summer. England is always welcoming me back to reality with an invisible evil smile. 

Nicole and I wanted to catch up back home during summer. We then decided to have a afternoon tea session in KL's Mandarin Oriental. It was my first time driving down to KL by myself without help from GPS. Why? Nicole has worst sense of directions than I do. I thought I could manage KL until I got lost when I was driving back from KL. 

There were two choices during our visit, a classic afternoon tea set or a Chocolate themed afternoon tea set. We've chose the Chocolate one cause we wanted to try something new. Each set comes with a pot of tea. Nicole and I ordered one set to share cause we were not that hungry at that time.

Here's the set. So much chocolate *gasps

Just me looking happy with our set;

To be honest, we didn't really like it. We got sick of the tastes of chocolate by the time we were half way through. Nicole is not a sweet tooth as well. I guess it was not as delicious we expected it to be.

Selfies with my companion;

Gonna end this post with a close-up selfie 

Sweet dreams, readers 
Lots of Love,
zhi wei x

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