Sunday, 29 December 2013

威尼斯; San Marco #1

Hello there! 
It's 10am here at the moment and I'm up! Not forgetting it's actually a Sunday. I haven't been sleeping very well lately, I guess I really don't want to accept the fact that I'm not prepared at all for my upcoming exams. I'm always doing this to myself. You may be thinking why I'm here blogging when I can spend time studying. Yes, I did study just now but I'm here again to escape from the reality just for a bit. 

Moving on from the last post, after we arrived at San Marco and checked in at our hotel, we were dead hungry. We looked around the place for good and cheap restaurants. Most of them are really pricey, we ended up at this restaurant in a random small alley. To be honest, most restaurants we saw around have the word PIZZA outside their restaurants but pizzas are not their signature dishes. It's very convenient in a way for tourists, it's like the word PIZZA means COME HERE FOR FOOD.

There you go ;  

Before we entered, we were looking at the menus outside. Italy in general is famous for their lobster spaghetti as well as squid ink pastas that will make your lips and teeth turn black after eating it. And of course, pizzas. So we decided to go for any restaurants that serve any of these.

Language is one main issue when you visit foreign countries, not everybody can understand my English, especially with my Malaysian accents. And also I do not like that people just assume that you are from China if you have yellow skin and then they expect you to respond to their random "你好" all the time. Well, I mean technically I am from China cause of my ancestors and everything, but let's not get on to that. So this happened:

Waiter: Ah hello hello! Come in come in!
Me: You have the spaghetti? *points at my lips* Then, black black?
Waiter: Oh yes yes! Where are you from? China? Korea?
Me: No. We're from Japan. 
He gave us both Japanese menus. HAHAHAHAHA!

Couz went over to the counter sneakily to get ourselves some English menus after. The waiter came to our table and we lied again, saying we're from China. He then gave us the 'I KNEW IT' face. Some things are just not meant to go your way, you know. 

My tired face ;

The restaurant looks so Italian, especially the checkered table cloth. *inserts random orchestra musics*

We were looking at wines cause it was freezing outside and we wanted to keep ourselves warm. We got the waiter to recommend good Italian wines and it was hilarious. He went like "This one", pointing at a few strong ones, "YAAAYYYYY!!" and then pointing at the list of average ones, he just went like "This one, meehhhh".

We got ourselves the average ones cause we couldn't afford expensive ones. HAH.

We've ordered three dishes, a starter and two mains to share. To be honest, we do not know what was the starter. They were basically seafoods and there were definitely prawn cocktails in them. You see the slices of meat there, the waiter claimed that they were fishes. He even did the fish swimming hand gestures and said bloop bloop when we asked. Still, we concluded that they were turkey and ham slices. They were really salty though but we've finished them. *proud tears*

Squid ink pasta, which was alright after trying more of it at other restaurants ;

And, pepperoni, peppers and onion pizzas, which was a super big portion that we couldn't finish ;

Just me checking myself out after eating the squid ink pasta, was really disappointed though cause my lips wasn't that black in the end ;

The service in that restaurant was amazing, I've never been so entertained by the people in a restaurant before. HAHAHA! We were really worn out after we got back into our rooms, so we headed to bed right after. #OneofAkind

Have a great Sunday and eat your breakfast!
zhi wei x

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Everybody makes mistakes, dreaming of going to Venice with you wasn't one.

Hello there everybody! 
It's Boxing Day today and I went out to town! It wasn't as exciting I thought it would be. There wasn't any cat fights for clothes or security guards breaking fights in the stores. I was pretty disappointed with the atmosphere to be honest. This is gonna be the first post about my trip to Venice. 

We stayed over in a Bed & Breakfast nearby Gatwick Airport as we were gonna depart from there the next morning. I don't remember why we did that cause we have nearer airports at our own places perspectively. It was a quite good one, I must say. They offer free rides to and from the airport and the room wasn't that bad compared to other B&Bs. Despite the fact that they don't serve hot breakfasts, everything was lovely.

I really liked the decoration of the whole place. Everything was decorated very homey and Christmasy. A pretty place with lovely people x

Here we gooo! 

#ootd ;

Look at our excited faces! We were literally very excited ;

When we finally arrived, it was almost dusk. It was a two hours long flight but it felt like ten. I've always hated flights, I thought I was gonna faint in the flight. Not literally though. You have no idea what I've been through go get here from Malaysia.

There were a few public transports that they offer from the airport to San Marco, one of the main islands. We chose to take the water bus as it was probably the cheapest among all. Actually, I don't think they provide land buses. Taxis (land & water ones) will definitely cost us a fortune if we were ever going to take those.

It was about a two hours journey to San Marco, definitely very tiring. We were pretty lucky though cause the sun was setting throughout the journey. The sky was absolutely beautiful.

A return ticket ;

Selfies in the water bus ;

Stunning ;

I did not lie, didn't I? x

There are more to come! Hope you all have had a great Boxing Day!
zhi wei x

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas '13

Merry Christmas everybody! Hope everybody is super happy today and definitely have a blessed one! 

Lots of love,
zhi wei x

Friday, 13 December 2013

Christmas Dinner Ball

Hello there!
It's the beginning of the Christmas break & I'm super excited. Can't wait for so many things to happen & hopefully I'll get a temporary job in the mean time. I think it's a week ago when I was at this Christmas Ball organized by the Asian societies at Marriott Hotel, inclusive of HongKong, Singapore & few other societies. I'm not doing a good job being part of the committee, aren't I?

That was indeed, my very first Malaysian society event! 
Worth a celebration. *throws confetti*

It was a 3 course meal, I didn't manage to snap the appetizer cause I was crazy hungry by the time it arrived. It was basically Tomato & Roast Red Pepper soup

The main was a traditional roast turkey & I was absolutely disappointed with it. The stuffings & pig in blanket were not as nice as I thought they would be. The turkey itself was super dry and since there was so little gravy, I wasn't able to finish the whole dish. Also, the mini cabbages were really bitter & I don't think I should blame the chefs for that. I think I can host a food talk show in the future. HAHAHA. Still, I think the way they present the dish is quite pretty.

This, was, amazing. Finished the whole thing in one go.

Pictures & pictures with the new friends;

Malaysia represents

Have an amazing Christmas break my lovely readers!
zhi wei x

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Rankin Hall Formals

Hello there! 
I've finally got time for a good blog post. It was our hall's formal dinner the other night and the foods tasted way, way better than what they normally serve in the cafeteria. If only the foods taste like that night's everyday. We were supposed to dress prettily & gathered in the dining hall. I love doing this 'cause there aren't many chances for me to dress up properly for occasions.

Hello there *wink wink*

Pictures & pictures with the floor mates & friends ;

Lookin' forward for the good foods ;

Just me being me ; 

It was a three course meal. For the first time ever, I think the caterers did a pretty decent job in cooking. I absolutely love the main meal, it was lamb with mashed potatoes & boiled vegetables. I never knew I would love lamb this much. The dessert was quite a downer though, the combination of the cake & the cream was pretty weird.

After the meal, everybody pretty much went over to the casino which was set up specially for this event. It wasn't an actual casino, we were given fake money before entering. I went in and left after making a quick wander. We went back to the dining hall to take pictures and casually took the balloons back with us after.

If only Up, the movie happens in reality;

When I have camera snapping non-stop for me; 

Have a great week ahead!
zhi wei x