Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Rankin Hall Formals

Hello there! 
I've finally got time for a good blog post. It was our hall's formal dinner the other night and the foods tasted way, way better than what they normally serve in the cafeteria. If only the foods taste like that night's everyday. We were supposed to dress prettily & gathered in the dining hall. I love doing this 'cause there aren't many chances for me to dress up properly for occasions.

Hello there *wink wink*

Pictures & pictures with the floor mates & friends ;

Lookin' forward for the good foods ;

Just me being me ; 

It was a three course meal. For the first time ever, I think the caterers did a pretty decent job in cooking. I absolutely love the main meal, it was lamb with mashed potatoes & boiled vegetables. I never knew I would love lamb this much. The dessert was quite a downer though, the combination of the cake & the cream was pretty weird.

After the meal, everybody pretty much went over to the casino which was set up specially for this event. It wasn't an actual casino, we were given fake money before entering. I went in and left after making a quick wander. We went back to the dining hall to take pictures and casually took the balloons back with us after.

If only Up, the movie happens in reality;

When I have camera snapping non-stop for me; 

Have a great week ahead!
zhi wei x

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