Thursday, 26 December 2013

Everybody makes mistakes, dreaming of going to Venice with you wasn't one.

Hello there everybody! 
It's Boxing Day today and I went out to town! It wasn't as exciting I thought it would be. There wasn't any cat fights for clothes or security guards breaking fights in the stores. I was pretty disappointed with the atmosphere to be honest. This is gonna be the first post about my trip to Venice. 

We stayed over in a Bed & Breakfast nearby Gatwick Airport as we were gonna depart from there the next morning. I don't remember why we did that cause we have nearer airports at our own places perspectively. It was a quite good one, I must say. They offer free rides to and from the airport and the room wasn't that bad compared to other B&Bs. Despite the fact that they don't serve hot breakfasts, everything was lovely.

I really liked the decoration of the whole place. Everything was decorated very homey and Christmasy. A pretty place with lovely people x

Here we gooo! 

#ootd ;

Look at our excited faces! We were literally very excited ;

When we finally arrived, it was almost dusk. It was a two hours long flight but it felt like ten. I've always hated flights, I thought I was gonna faint in the flight. Not literally though. You have no idea what I've been through go get here from Malaysia.

There were a few public transports that they offer from the airport to San Marco, one of the main islands. We chose to take the water bus as it was probably the cheapest among all. Actually, I don't think they provide land buses. Taxis (land & water ones) will definitely cost us a fortune if we were ever going to take those.

It was about a two hours journey to San Marco, definitely very tiring. We were pretty lucky though cause the sun was setting throughout the journey. The sky was absolutely beautiful.

A return ticket ;

Selfies in the water bus ;

Stunning ;

I did not lie, didn't I? x

There are more to come! Hope you all have had a great Boxing Day!
zhi wei x

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