Monday, 27 October 2014

Rainbow & Monster Villages; Taichung #3

** Warning!! The top part of this post will be filled with striking colors that may hurt your eyes **

Introducing: Rainbow Village

Yes. Everything in here is literally rainbow colored. It's a very happy go lucky village, where you can jam with a rainbow Ironman with the rainbow instruments provided. I absolutely love this place!!

We found out that owner of this cute village is over a 100 years old and is living in here. He was chilling around the village during our visit. It was such a great opportunity to meet him. Wishing him good health and have more good things to come xx.

Wishing papers are hung all around this little village. 

The Chinese characters on the far right translates: Good health is the capital.

Introducing: Monster Village

Monster Village is not that scary, to be honest. It was an interesting visit though. 

Their lucky cats that were on sale aren't the typical lucky cats. They looked monstrous, don't they? 

Everything was just weird and hipster looking, don't you think? Tryna look scared of the monster

I really like this, it's like the Devil version of Pinocchio. So kids, this is why we shouldn't lie HAHA.

We were introduced to the plant of Aiyu jelly, 爱玉. 

Taiwan is famous for their amazing foods and drinks in night markets everywhere. Their all time famous drink is boba/bubble tea, which I am pretty sure everybody knows about it. One of their other famous drinks that is sold all around Taiwan is iced aiyu 爱玉冰. And the jellies in this drink are made out of this plant. It is so amazing how these things look like hedgehogs now and then tadaa, they turn into jellies. I was truly impressed *nods. 

Took a walk around the forest that is close by Monster Village. I'm starting to love forests so much more now.

.. And we came across one of the rarest animals, Red Squirrel

So much red cuteness xx.

That's all, readers. 
Hope this makes you wanna explore more around Taiwan other than visiting the touristy sites in Taipei.

Lots of Love,
zhi wei x

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Las Vegas; Caesar's Palace & Paris Las Vegas #3

Back to America, lovely readers! Caesars Palace is a very Romanian-themed hotel. It gives out a very strong Rome vibe from the moment you enter. The hotel even has a Trevi Fountain outside of the hotel. Just like the one in Rome. There is lots and lots of shopping merging with Caesars Palace. It's just so convenient for tourists, like us.

Don't you love the entrance already? Introducing our personal tour guide: Lydia 

More back in Romanian times

The escalator looks interesting, doesn't it?

We went for a ride HAHAH. We just can't hold back how excited we were. Good times, good times.

Isn't it just so classy, Romanian style?

Ended our fun in Caesars Palace with a group picture x

It was just in time for dinner when our fun ended. Next stop was Paris Las Vegas Hotel. 

Even Paris in Vegas, you can never miss out slot machines anywhere. 

Introducing the restaurant we dined in: Gordan Ramsay Steak. *screams inside till heart drops

It was full-house that night. At least we've made a booking prior to our arrival. Don't you just love the rows of shelves with the wine displays? They look so professional. It may look as if it's so crowded in there, but trust me, it's pretty spacious overall. 

Menu with the world famous Hell's Kitchen symbol.

We were escorted to our seats very politely. Service was simply amazing. We were very, very impressed. One of the staffs was explaining different parts of the meat has different types of tenderness. He even brought out a whole cart of samples, as if he was doing his college presentation. You may think 'yeah, not a biggie deal.' but it does make a difference. 

Selection of pastries to nibble on 

Too's appetizer, Kurobuta Pork Belly. Fun fact: Kurobuta means black pig translating from Japanese.

My main, Beef Short Ribs. It was just a simple short ribs braised with red wine, potato purée underneath accompanied by wild mushrooms. I personally think it was alright. The taste of red wine was so strong that it took over the tastes of the sides. The portion itself was pretty huge, took me quite an effort to finish it. 

Too's main, Roasted Chicken Breast. You might think, yeah it's just chicken breast. NO. It tasted nothing like chicken breast at all. The meat was so tender as if you're eating drumsticks from KFC but even better. The chicken meat had a crispy coat. The textures of both the skin and the meat blended so well together. It was as if they melt in your mouth together like Timon and Pumbaa.

Just in case you're wondering why I described this main as if it was mine. I was stealing his food throughout. Yes, I'm that annoying friend. Just at times. 

Lydia's main, Loup de Mer. It's less fancy name is Mediterranean sea bass. I haven't had much taste of this so I can't say much about it. As far as I'm concerned, she did enjoy her main very much. 

More of The Strips in the next few Vegas posts xx.

Lots of Love,
zhi wei x