Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Redang Island, Kuala Terengganu #2

Hello there! The paradise I've promised. Excited? You must be. Hee. White sand, blue ocean and warming sun. What more could you ask for?

We travelled from Kuala Terengganu to Redang Island via ferry. It took us ages. 

I do not enjoy long hours journey so it felt forever when we were in the ferry. But when I got there, I wouldn't mind taking three times the duration to get to such paradise. We were welcomed warmly. Laguna Redang Island Resort is where we stayed for our 3 days 2 nights getaway.

One day, maybe, I would love to work in Redang Island over the summer. I miss my red/purple hair.
*cries in the corner*

Our accommodation at the resort;

Our room is quite simple. Not 5 stars hotel standard, but cosy. And oh, the Malaysia collaborated with Hong Kong movie that was filmed in this paradise was on replay in one of their channels. Over and over and over again without advertisements. I could probably memorize their scripts by heart now wtf.

Our neighbors, balcony.. 

.. and the view of their swimming pool. Well, at least we're not facing skyscrapers.

We have arrived just in time for lunch. The meals served here are buffet style. They have so many cuisines yet again, you can't expect 5 stars hotel standard. But their cooking tasted like home to me. 

Just look at this place x

Sorry, I just had to. And the moment you've been waiting for..

.. My view over lunch. I. Just. Can't. It's too pretty. Too pretty.

What do you think? Is this paradise or is this paradise?

Paid a short visit down to the all time famous More More Tea Inn in the movie after lunch. 

I absolutely love the combination of the colors. This was filmed as a holiday inn in the movie and I genuinely thought we could stay in here when I was told that we were going to Redang Island. But, it's a gift shop in reality. I felt cheated for some reason HAHAH.

The pretty little things sold in the More More Tea Inn Gift Shop.

Okay. I still feel so cheated by the movie.

We took an afternoon nap as we were too tired. And it was really, really sunny in the afternoon. We wouldn't want to be roasted, do we? We chilled by the beach in the evening after waking up feeling all fresh. And then..


I got the opportunity to get in contact with my most favorite living thing on Earth. You have no idea happy I was. I got the chance to release a new born turtle into the ocean. It costed us RM20 but it was definitely worth it. The money goes to a saving turtles association. These turtles are only 7 hours old. My turtle might remember me as his/her mummy then :')

Be free, my baby boy/girl <3

A close up shot to one of the turtles. I still cannot believe this dude actually held his turtle like this. Treat turtles with love, c'mon.

Ended my day with the perfect sunset view.

.. cause I had stomach ache wtf.

Lots of Love,
zhi wei x

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