Wednesday, 1 October 2014

阿里山 Alishan; #2

Hello there everybody! 
Remember Taiwan? Yes. We got up to Alishan after a few hours of bus ride. It's really chilly all the way up there and it's got the best sceneries ever! This post is gonna be the mountains, woods and trees. They are old, old trees I must add.

Ready to explore Alishan. It says A-Li-Shan from right to left in Chinese characters by the way.

Here comes the pictures! 

Beautiful eh? We paid a visit to a family tree. Like literally 3 generations of family trees.

Isn't this super cool?! At least I think it is.

Moving on, we went to visit an amazing tree that survived World Wars and natural disasters by Mother Nature for years and years!

THIS. It's 45 meters tall and it's approximately 2000 years old. Oh my god, it's so old. I can't bear living that long to be honest. 

More walking around Alishan..

.. aand we took the train back to where we back to the bus

Thank you for such an amazing journey, Alishan x

Simple yet satisfying dinner. It was really packed here so do visit during odd meal times

Turkey meat & pickle on rice - their signature dish.

And simple Chinese dishes. Oh my god, I love Chinese foods.

Alishan is the best place to visit when you want to have a good breathe of fresh airs and away from the polluted city. It's worth a visit if you love greens and walking. I promise that you won't be sweaty from all the walking cause of the amazing weather up in the mountains.

Lots of Love,
zhi wei x

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