Friday, 3 October 2014

East Avenue Bakehouse, Bold Street

Hello there everybody!
It's another academic year in Liverpool, found out an old class mate of mine is joining the university this year. We've decided to visit this café along Bold Street for a catch-up session. I have passed by there and told myself countless times that I will visit it one day. I never did till the other day. 

Rach and I were given the choice to choose whichever table we wanted. It was a week day morning, that was probably why it was empty. We chose a table at the end of the café so we can have our #AsiansAtWork moments without having customers glaring at us. HAHAA. Normally it will be super packed judging from the look from the outside. A cosy, simple ambiance when it's less packed.

Don't you think it's super homie? That bicycle hanging on top though.. 

Meet my friend Rach! Don't ask about the sunnies. HAHAHA.

.. and our drinks were served. I'm not a super coffee person so I can't judge how good or bad it was. Sorry, readers. But I liked it though!

The I'm drinking coffee alone, waiting for the right guy but still smiling moments. HAHAHA.

Our foods arrived! It's super filling. We couldn't finish them all!

The Ultimate. 
Home baked bread, topped with mushrooms, bacons, tomatoes and sausages. It was originally black pudding instead of sausages. Rach and I are not fond of pork blood so the waitress suggested to change it to sausages. Isn't she a sweet heart?

The Family Tradition
Simply home made breads with bacons and sliced avocados in between. Simple satisfaction. I should really make some of these for myself when I decide to buy a loaf of bread some day.

Okay, time to eat. What is going on a diet? It is not in my dictionary. Hee.

It was a great meal with great accompany indeed. We caught up so much from high school even when we used to sit super far from each other. This meal costed us £8 each, which I think is pretty reasonable as to the taste and amount of foods we've got. 

Last but not least, my vain #ootd

Do you love my eye balls skirt as much as I do? 

Good night, beautiful people x

Lots of Love,
zhi wei x

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