Sunday, 30 October 2016

Starting anew ;

It has been a while since I last updated this blog. As the picture may speak for itself, I have graduated proudly last summer. With a job secured in Oxford, I have then decided to stay in England and move back to Oxford, where I once called my home away from home. 

Being here at this very moment feels like I have gone back in time, familiar streets, familiar shops. I thought moving back to Oxford would make me feel like I am home again but it did not. I have then realised, this was my home three years ago, not anymore, but not.. 

.. yet. 

I have once called here home away from home cause it was the first city I have settled down in, made new friends and went to bed excited for my awaited adventure the very next day. Today, I do not feel the same as I used to before. Honestly, the first couple of weeks were exciting - first job (no doubt, exciting!); supportive and absolutely lovely colleagues at work; first pay cheque etc.

I was told that I was brave for taking such a huge step in life. I did not understand where they were coming from initially. Then it struck me one day, when I finally understood. Having had to start all over again, it feels like being a fresher in uni all over again, except there isn't any Malaysian society or sports clubs to fall back to.

Walking into a restaurant and requesting a table for one; Struggling to finish a loaf of bread before the the use by date; Having had to decide on one choice of food when I wanted other choices as well. These episodes used to bother me so much that it does not anymore.

'It is your first couple of weeks there!' says papa. With that, I believe that things will get better over time. On this very day, it is definitely much easier than the day before.

Right now, I feel like the tip of a pencil, mapping out my journey to an uncertain end point - hoping for the best. Believe it or not, I do quite like it. Just because I know that there are so many possibilities and opportunities that I may or may not have discovered yet, out there for me. It is an exciting yet a lonely journey. Nevertheless, I am blessed every single day, being given such opportunity in life.

For the past couple of years, I used to have trouble deciding where home is - now I know. Malaysia will always be my home.

Lots of Love,
zhi wei x

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Hull Bound

Weather in this country never failed to surprise me. It is half way through the summer and here comes storm and somewhat seemed like a tornado. Throwing back to the last September in this post, when I visited Carmen 'cause she told me she missed me. Duh. 

#1 Homemade breakfast
She made us breakfast 'cause we both take our food so damn seriously and she's better at cooking than I am. Trust me, we ate them all.


#2 Exploring the city  
The fact that we can talk for hours and hours without any awkward silences is still a deep mystery to us. To be frank, I did not paid much attention to the history and background about this city. Well, besides the white telephone box they have in the middle of the street. 

Gotta appreciate free drinks for being considerate customers

#3 The English Muse
A lovely cosy café somewhere along a busy street of Newland Avenue. We were gonna go for their afternoon tea, which looked so amazing across the table but pre-booking was needed. Boohoo.

We were smacking each other throughout whilst exploring the city. My first success smack made my day ahahha. Yes, we can be lame people like that. So much love for you baby b.

Lots of love,
zhi wei x

Monday, 15 February 2016

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Hello there! 
My west coast trip is definitely a while back. I really do miss America so much, especially when I look back at these pictures. It was definitely one of my favorite trips ever.

#1 Grand Canyon
It is drop dead gorgeous. I really felt like I was in a painting. 

#2 The journey
It was a long, long drive as we made our way to Grand Canyon from Vegas, but definitely worth it.

#3 My travel buddies 
They take nice pictures for me, patient with grumpy me, make sure we all do not go hungry at all and whenever we joke around, you could see envy eyes around us. And I like how they think they are cuter than me hahah.


#4 More hills and rocks 
The view was amazing, it looks the same but different at every angle. 

.. times when they think they're cuter than me HAHA

#5 Sunrise 
We got outta bed way early in the morning, drove up the hill to watch the sunrise. It was not really a sunrise as we probably got to the other side but at least we saw something!

it was a great trip indeed.

Lots of Love,
zhi wei x

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Alimentos por favor; Barcelona

Hola everybody and Happy New Year! Another year has gone by, personally I felt that last year was a roller coaster, it'll be a heck of a post of I were to do a recap of last year. Anyway, I will dedicate my first post of the year to the foods of Barcelona, where I spent my longest holiday for about two weeks. To be honest, two weeks is definitely waaay more than enough. 

#1 Fruits
Just look at them, they were all gorgeously fresh and definitely refreshing to nom whilst strolling 'round the market. I personally think the juices were really tasty but they ought to be over priced. 

Tip: Juices that are sold at the out front of the market tend to be more expensive than further in.

#2 Seafoods
Do not make me start about them seafoods, amazingly fresh and super delish. Two particular restaurants that make me want to go back to Barcelona again.

Restaurant 7 Portes
Historical background to it's restaurant, which unfortunately we were unable to dine indoor as we were a large group and did not made any bookings beforehand. They are famous for their paella too!

La Paradeta Sants
A self-service seafood restaurant that was opened since '94. They have 6 branches all over Barcelona but we insisted on visiting the very first one. I haven't had much pictures of the foods as we were too busy eating them but honestly, they were absolutely amazing.

#3 Tapas & Paella
What is Spanish food without these two main dish? We have tapas all day, everyday. Before and after our siesta and also for supper. Siesta is a Spanish culture that we have picked up since day one. We are definitely half Spanish now. 


#4 Ikibana 
This is a Japanese and Brazilian fusion restaurant. We thought we should give this a try.. 'cause don't you find this unique?! Japanese AND Brazilian. They were mainly sushi but I supposed the sauces and some ingredients used are Brazilian. Presentation, restaurant interior, service were on point BUT they were pricey. 

#5 Sangria
If you haven't tried sangria in Spain, you've definitely not been to Spain. I absolutely love it, it is my go to drink when we eat out. Evon did not approve of it though.

Details of the restaurants that I have been to:
Restaurant 7 Portes 
Passeig Isabel II, 
14, 08003 

La Paradeta Sants
C / Riego, 
27, 08010 

Ikibana Parallel 
Avenida del Paralelo, 
148 · Barcelona

Places we went to will be on the next Barcelona post. Stay tune! 

Good night all!

Lots of love,
zhi wei x