Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Hull Bound

Weather in this country never failed to surprise me. It is half way through the summer and here comes storm and somewhat seemed like a tornado. Throwing back to the last September in this post, when I visited Carmen 'cause she told me she missed me. Duh. 

#1 Homemade breakfast
She made us breakfast 'cause we both take our food so damn seriously and she's better at cooking than I am. Trust me, we ate them all.


#2 Exploring the city  
The fact that we can talk for hours and hours without any awkward silences is still a deep mystery to us. To be frank, I did not paid much attention to the history and background about this city. Well, besides the white telephone box they have in the middle of the street. 

Gotta appreciate free drinks for being considerate customers

#3 The English Muse
A lovely cosy café somewhere along a busy street of Newland Avenue. We were gonna go for their afternoon tea, which looked so amazing across the table but pre-booking was needed. Boohoo.

We were smacking each other throughout whilst exploring the city. My first success smack made my day ahahha. Yes, we can be lame people like that. So much love for you baby b.

Lots of love,
zhi wei x

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