Wednesday, 29 January 2014

BiBimBap x Myung Ga x Tukdin ; LONDON

Hello there! Leaving Venice was not easy. I would definitely want to visit there again, but this time with my future partner xx

We've spent a night in London after arriving back to the UK cause London meaning having good foods, meaning having a good time and meaning being happy. Just so you know, my cousin and I are real crazy Korean foods fan. Our first stop was BiBimBap. Oh yes, it's really good.

This place basically has nothing but BiBimBap. There are some other little Asian snacks though. The prices were quite reasonable. It's decorated with polaroids of customers and K-pop posters. My favorite and the only one I know at the moment is Big Bang. Since they have none of their posters, I'm a little disappointed. Please put at least one

Oh yes! We've got Chatime before heading for BiBimBap. You have no idea how happy I was when Chatime was opened in the UK. Thank you very much whoever you are. Seriously, I really don't mind being the spokesperson on one condition - open one in North England too, please. And by that I mean Liv *cough* er *cough* po *cough* ol *cough* THANK YOU IN ADVANCED.

We both ordered the same one, beef BiBimBap with raw egg.

Yums. A must to visit if you love Bibimbaps X

Took a short break by having a Toufufa & green tea in Costa 

This is super amazing. You have no idea how smooth the toufu is. They sell other Chinese pastries as well. It's in Chinatown and it's the super yellow little café ; Green tea is super love, anywhere in the world.

Yes, dinner at a Korean restaurant once again. We will never get tired of Korean foods, trust me. I personally think this is not as good as I expected it to be. I still don't get why people would queue for at least an hour to have this and why people would go there just for their sweet and sour pork. 

Gyoza, which I think was not as nice as it looked. I much prefer the Japanese one. Seriously, nothing beats the Japanese ones. Even the Gyozas in Wagamama tasted much better.

Seafood pancakes. This is the WORST. They have about less than 10 seafoods in this pancake. Plus, I've really never seen such small squids in my life. It's over cooked and we didn't enjoy it at all!

Bulgogi, aka beef. The service was so slow that it turned out we've totally forgotten about the BBQ one. We were so full when one of the waiters brought this over. Both the bulgogis were good though, I cannot deny.

Japchae, aka Korean glass noodles. This disappointed us slightly. It was so-so, not as good as the ones we've tried before in other Korean restaurants in London. Honestly, the prices were really not up to standard.


GOOOOD MORNING! On the very next day, we've had an early lunch before heading back to Cardiff and Liverpool respectively. Mickey Mouse crop sweater for the day!

We went to Tukdin Restaurant, which is nearby Paddington Station for lunch. It's a Malaysian restaurant and is definitely the only restaurant filled with so many Malaysians. When we say that, we literally mean it. There were Bahasa Melayu being spoken everywhere. And I mean, EVERYWHERE.

We were one of the first few customers, so our foods were served quite quickly. The crowd started to form after we've filled up our tummy. 

Teh Tarik, feels like home

Look at the bubbles! Definitely got tarik

Nasi Lemak sambal, coconut rice with Malaysia's special chili and sides.


Sambal sotong, squids with Malaysia's special chili 

Kankung belacan, Malaysian style water spinach 

It definitely was a good visit, will definitely go back one day. Good night everybody!

Lots of Love,
zhi wei x

Friday, 24 January 2014

威尼斯 #4

Hello there! 
Sorry for the long hiatus. I've been unwell for the past few days. I'm feeling a little better now though. Yes, I'm gonna get some rice porridge in a minute. So we went to pay Rialto Bridge a visit once again cause we wanna see the breathtaking view in the morning. It's just so pretty at the very top. You will get what I mean later on.

Here's at the very top of Rialto Bridge ;

Trust me now? x

We've had really early lunch as the plan was to visit many different places. Thus maybe not having time to sit down to enjoy a good meal in between.

Did I mention that this restaurant is just beside Rialto bridge as well? The restaurant we went to last night for dinner was on the same road.

Yay! Brunch by the sea.

Mixed seafood spaghetti ;

Squid ink pasta ;

Look at my pretty black lips *pouts* 

Both of us thought that restaurant was just alright. Not super amazing, the service was pretty normal. After brunch we went to Bridge of Fist (Ponte dei Pungi). We once again took the water bus there. I don't remember it being that far from San Marco. 

Pretty pretty view of Venice along the way.

Chão Ponte dei Pungi x

Honestly speaking, the bridge was not actually such a big deal. It looks like a typical bridge in Venice with foot prints on the ground. I was stepping on it in every single pictures. Hahaha! Sorry to be such a spoiler x

The map of Venice (partly) ;

We went to a random pub there for coffee as it was quite chilly outside. I remember that island has loads of pubs and most of them were quite packed. This one was quiet relaxing. We had to look for ways to see the Santa Maria della Salute.

Not having a cup of cappuccino in Italy is the same as not visiting Italy. 

Very thick hot chocolate ;

Anneonghaseyo everybody 

Just a few more pretty pictures before leaving the island ;

We took the water bus again to visit Santa Maria della Salute. This is a Roman Catholic church. The building is such a Romanized beauty. You can see every single details on the church. It was not too far from where we were from so we got there quite quickly.

Trying so hard to be a ballerina again. 

Don't ask.

After snapping tons of pictures with the church, our final stop is the Peggy Guggenheim Collection before heading back to San Marco. We had to pass by this spooky place before reaching the museum. My cousin was too scared to go close to it though so I went to have a closer look alone.

This is a bad picture but this is roughly the entrance of the museum. It's a modern art museum so most of the art works are open air besides the paintings. One of the main reasons we wanted to go there is for the wishing tree. Okay, maybe that was my only intention before getting there. Basically you just write your wishes on a paper and hang it on the tree. 

Here's the wishing tree. Apparently all the wishes were removed cause there were loads of tourists over the summer and the tree was gonna die of wishes. HAHAHA. So it was pretty lonely we visited it.

Cousin writing her wishes ;

Satisfied with mine. Of course I can't show you my wishes ;

Just me being hipster, instead of hanging on the tree, I left it with the soil.

More random pictures in the museum ;

After reaching San Marco, we went for a Gondola ride. It was not that cold at that time and not too sunny. Just perfect. It costed us crazy a lot though. My recommendation is to have at most 4 people on this ride. It may be costly but much cheaper than two people. It's not nice to squeeze on a tiny boat with more than 4 people anyway.

The best time to go for a Gondola ride x

Excited selfies ;

Selfie with the rower ;

We both really liked him. Despite being a pure Italian, he speaks fluent English. We could understand him really well when he was explaining the buildings and histories along the way. Both of us were the most annoying riders of all. Why?

When passing by other Gondola boats, all of the passengers were sitting still listening to the rower and enjoying the scenery whilst both of us were like real typical Malaysian aunties walking back and forth on the boat snapping pictures. HAHAHA. Even the rower gave up on us after asking us to be careful and stuffs.

Bridge of Sigh. This bridge used to link a court and a jail ;

Rialto Bridge ;

Pretty pictures with San Marco tower ;

After that is dinner time! Not quite sure of the name of this restaurant. The restaurant looks prettier than I expected from the outside. We just went in cause there was a 3 courses promotion here. It's somewhere nearby our hotel so it was quite convenient for us. We both got different mains each, Calamaris and fries after. It was alright, more or less the same as our brunch.

Look at the collections of red wines ;

Here's an Italian cocktail ;

Yumz. Haven't got hold of many food pictures that dinner. Apologies. 

Shared a glass of their homemade red wine with cousin ;

Yeap. That's her finger on the screen. We've got to try another of their homemade alcohol after our meal for free. Apparently it was good for digestion so it's recommended after meal. Also, homemade alcohol is a thing in Italy. Na-nights with my Christmas hat.

Take care now. Don't fall sick.
Lots of Love,
zhi wei x