Monday, 24 June 2013

Exeter Adventure

Hello there, just so you know, 


Which kind of explains why I'm not updating a lot as I've been doing a lot lately, like being productive. This is so me. *flips hair* I can be really bimbo sometimes. 

One of the nights when Steph and I went out ; 

 Our last meal together in Oxford, with hangout buddies & James ;

If you're following me on Instagram, you should know that I was at Exeter the other day. If you don't, follow me now! :p 
Yes, so Steph and I went to Exeter yesterday and I came back today while she stayed back for a while. 

While waiting for the train, gotta make full use of time to take pictures ;

These were from this afternoon, woke up and head out to the city for lunch. Exeter is really, really a beautiful place. I wanted to stayed a little longer but I had things to do back in Oxford. I would really recommend to visit Exeter.

 With our matching hair braids ;

We didn't know what to eat so I chose this really fancy Italian restaurant, Carluccio's. I really wasn't gonna choose it but they have this really, really massive pink meringue at the window so we went in. 

 Mushroom soup with Pancetta (Bacon in Italian), new word I've learnt from the waitress who seemed to believe that we're Italian cause she kept using that word to us ; 

Fritto Misto, mixture of calamari, little prawns, anchovies and prawn-looking lobster ;

 Spinach ravioli ;

 Warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream ;

Panna Cotta ;

I don't know if you've noticed, but we really looked happier with our desserts rather than our mains. It is really satisfying and we didn't feel really bloated/sick full from the meal but it's more like a satisfying full. Really would recommend people to eat there. A visit there once in a while is really worth it. 

We walked around the city and got ourselves bubble tea, which is really tasty. They have different flavors of bubbles and it pops when you bite them. They aren't the same typical black, chewy ones. I highly recommend the pomegranate and lychee ones. DELICIOUS.

Hello there with our bubble teas ;

Have a nice summer!

Friday, 7 June 2013

Hakuna Matata


Hello there! Hope y'all had a nice day or having a nice day. I really, really want to study hard so badly but I can't. I am so distracted by Disney animated movies. Not the recent ones, I'm talking about Hercules, Lion King, Mulan etc. And definitely Tangled, even though it's quite recent.

I love how the 5 black sassy ladies sing in Hercules,
I googled the Lion King full family tree,
I punch along when Shang trains the army,
I smoldered too when Flynn(Eugene) does it, 
I teared, I laughed, I giggled. 

I LOVE DISNEY. It's not only part of my childhood, it's my life. <3 

So today, we went over to Pensons Gardens to see Sean, since he's leaving back home and we wouldn't know when we'll see him again. I really love his cooking :d

Cousie and Sean ;

With Sho and Eric ;

Have a great summer!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

The most rewarding things in life are often the ones that look like they cannot be done.

I don't know why I'm blogging here when I'm having like 7 papers next week. I will be real quick, I promise! Heh. It was college's graduation ceremony yesterday. 

While waiting for the ceremony to start: 

Divyoo and Peii;

I realized that my friends who sat in this row are all smarty pants. We're all either nominated great effort or outstanding performance. *claps claps*


Cousie who grew up with me;

We all went back to the college to have some food. But I didn't get to eat much though, we gotta fight the way through to get them. :(



Divya again; (with Nicole and Steph and Pei bombing)


Peii, I love this, we looked as if we're looking into the stars; 

Yeap, gotta admit that I love my head big in pictures; 


 The nicest Math teacher I could ever asked for;

 Dr. Kullchen, has everything a Chemistry teacher should have; 

 James, Head of Psychology (the only one there), never gonna have a better psychology lesson without you; 


Didarr, we looked funnehh;

Really didn't expect this, at all. But, thank you teachers and friends and people and everyone! This really made my day. Have a nice day. Nice to meet you. I'm so bad at giving a speech. *relieve* :D

 Remember to eat your breakfast!