Friday, 7 June 2013

Hakuna Matata


Hello there! Hope y'all had a nice day or having a nice day. I really, really want to study hard so badly but I can't. I am so distracted by Disney animated movies. Not the recent ones, I'm talking about Hercules, Lion King, Mulan etc. And definitely Tangled, even though it's quite recent.

I love how the 5 black sassy ladies sing in Hercules,
I googled the Lion King full family tree,
I punch along when Shang trains the army,
I smoldered too when Flynn(Eugene) does it, 
I teared, I laughed, I giggled. 

I LOVE DISNEY. It's not only part of my childhood, it's my life. <3 

So today, we went over to Pensons Gardens to see Sean, since he's leaving back home and we wouldn't know when we'll see him again. I really love his cooking :d

Cousie and Sean ;

With Sho and Eric ;

Have a great summer!

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