Wednesday, 15 January 2014

威尼斯; Burano Island #3

Chaáo amigos!
Moving on - San Marco ----> Burano Island, Venice. x

It was a beautiful morning once again. We had to take the water bus once again to Burano. There are not any direct buses that will bring us to Burano, we had to change one stop. There were several ways to get there, we used different ways back & forth.  

The whole journey took about an hour or two. One of the unique things I've noticed in Venice in general is their chubby pigeons. I'm not sure why I've noticed them but I find them really amusing. They were so chubby that most of them would rather run away instead of flying when I chased after them.

Look how cute they are ;


Water bus ticket ;

Hello morning faces! *inserts random emoji*
We were at the next bus stop, waiting for the next one that will direct us to Burano.

The next bus that brought us to Burano had an open back where we can enjoy the scenery as it moves along. We sat at the back since it was a really sunny and no doubt the view was amazing. 

Cousin love ;

It was really, really sunny. Love the weather even if it's winter! X

Burano is definitely a lovely place. These will be the first two houses that will catch your attention when you first arrive in Burano. 

The owner of this blue house opened the door when we were taking these picture. I guess we were crazily loud. HAHAHAHA.


Super pretty. Oh my, the colors. 

Lunch was really amazing. One of the other must-eat in Venice is their seafoods. We've settled down in Restaurant Galuppi. I would really recommend this restaurant. Besides being pretty inside, the waitress was really friendly to us.

Prawn risotto ;

Mixed seafoods ;

The seafoods dishes were really, really fresh. The seafoods in Venice are just so amazing that I can't stop saying that they are definitely the must-eat, must-eat, must-eat! The price was alright as a whole. Venice itself is a really posh city actually, so we were expecting the price to be about €10 for each dish.

Before we left, the waitress recommended us to take pictures at this colorful house. So nice of her! It's just right down an alley. There you go ;

An experience in Burano is like being surrounded by rows of rainbows. 

Spot the reflections. Lovely.

... And then we saw these houses. Such lovely bright pink & blue! Two of the colors most girls go crazy for. So yes, of course, we were crazily excited. Like literally. I mean it. At least there weren't anybody around.

This pink house deserves more picture ❤️❤️ 

Happy girl is really happy 

Walking around in Burano will never get boring. There are constant surprises, the colors & you'll be surprise people actually live there. I would love one pink house please ❤️


Spotted another pink house. So much love!

Well, Christmas was around the corner, so you definitely won't miss out any pretty Christmas decorations in Burano. The entire island was so festive that day. If you've noticed, most houses have shiny tinsels and Christmas balls on them. Absolutely love their creative & adorable decorations. 

Have you met an Italian Santa? Well, I HAVE.

Definitely have to have a picture of both of us in Burano ;

Oopsy! Got caught red-handed. 

What is this? Ribena? Blackcurrant juice? 

It's hot wine. It's basically hot wine mixing with some other spices. How does it taste though...?


We're not sour people. Probably why we can't take it.

My #ootd snap shots 

The handmade souvenirs are super pretty. Got one for myself, I wish I could afford ALL of them!

Ending my visit with a typical Burano snapshot.

Once again, the sun was setting as we were heading back. The view never disappointed us once during our trip. I just can't believe how unbelievably blue the sky was, as well as the turquoise sea. Everything was just so surreal. X

Oh! I did mentioned that we've used different routes when heading back as to getting there, didn't I? We've took plenty of pictures in this stop. It just seemed super pretty here, probably cause of the sunset and everything. Nature is such a beauty.

Pigeons do not love me.

Just being swaggiee *wink wink*

Lovely San Marco ❤️

When we finally arrived at San Marco, it was getting late. We then headed to the other end from where we were to get to Rialto Bridge. It's a must-go place as you will get a spectacular view of the Grand Canal from the top. It's usually filled with tourists, so you've got to find a way to get pretty pictures.

As you enter to the middle of the Rialto Bridge after walking up the stairs, you will see that it diverges into two sides. Each sides has shops that sell souvenirs, which are so-so price. There are a few little stalls as you walk further down the bridge, whereby the prices are mostly negotiable. In-store shops which are usually nearer to the bridge are more expensive, but still affordable. 

What more do I need to say? 

Just walking down the bridge. There are in-store shops at both sides at one side of the two sides of the bridge. Confusing? Read it again.

Dinner was amazing, we had a meal by the Grand Canal this time. We were pretty cold but it was worth it. The service once again was amazing. The waiters placed the portable heaters by our sides to warm us up. They were entertaining us throughout the dinner. Since Christmas was around the corner, they started singing traditional Christmas songs like White Christmas, Santa Claus is coming to town etc.

Yay Coca-cola!

.. but it's freaking €4.50 (We couldn't afford anything else as we didn't want water)

Spaghetti with clams ;

Tiramisu ;

Ice cream with mixed fruits ;

The desserts were simply amazing, I especially loved the Tiramisu. Tiramisu is a must-eat when visiting anywhere in Italy. I did not expect the tiramisu to appear like this when it was served to me. I apologize though as I'm not sure the name of this restaurant and it's exact location, but it's definitely visible on the far right hand side when you stand at the top of Rialto Bridge.

Lots of love,
zhi wei x

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