Monday, 15 February 2016

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Hello there! 
My west coast trip is definitely a while back. I really do miss America so much, especially when I look back at these pictures. It was definitely one of my favorite trips ever.

#1 Grand Canyon
It is drop dead gorgeous. I really felt like I was in a painting. 

#2 The journey
It was a long, long drive as we made our way to Grand Canyon from Vegas, but definitely worth it.

#3 My travel buddies 
They take nice pictures for me, patient with grumpy me, make sure we all do not go hungry at all and whenever we joke around, you could see envy eyes around us. And I like how they think they are cuter than me hahah.


#4 More hills and rocks 
The view was amazing, it looks the same but different at every angle. 

.. times when they think they're cuter than me HAHA

#5 Sunrise 
We got outta bed way early in the morning, drove up the hill to watch the sunrise. It was not really a sunrise as we probably got to the other side but at least we saw something!

it was a great trip indeed.

Lots of Love,
zhi wei x

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