Saturday, 9 January 2016

Alimentos por favor; Barcelona

Hola everybody and Happy New Year! Another year has gone by, personally I felt that last year was a roller coaster, it'll be a heck of a post of I were to do a recap of last year. Anyway, I will dedicate my first post of the year to the foods of Barcelona, where I spent my longest holiday for about two weeks. To be honest, two weeks is definitely waaay more than enough. 

#1 Fruits
Just look at them, they were all gorgeously fresh and definitely refreshing to nom whilst strolling 'round the market. I personally think the juices were really tasty but they ought to be over priced. 

Tip: Juices that are sold at the out front of the market tend to be more expensive than further in.

#2 Seafoods
Do not make me start about them seafoods, amazingly fresh and super delish. Two particular restaurants that make me want to go back to Barcelona again.

Restaurant 7 Portes
Historical background to it's restaurant, which unfortunately we were unable to dine indoor as we were a large group and did not made any bookings beforehand. They are famous for their paella too!

La Paradeta Sants
A self-service seafood restaurant that was opened since '94. They have 6 branches all over Barcelona but we insisted on visiting the very first one. I haven't had much pictures of the foods as we were too busy eating them but honestly, they were absolutely amazing.

#3 Tapas & Paella
What is Spanish food without these two main dish? We have tapas all day, everyday. Before and after our siesta and also for supper. Siesta is a Spanish culture that we have picked up since day one. We are definitely half Spanish now. 


#4 Ikibana 
This is a Japanese and Brazilian fusion restaurant. We thought we should give this a try.. 'cause don't you find this unique?! Japanese AND Brazilian. They were mainly sushi but I supposed the sauces and some ingredients used are Brazilian. Presentation, restaurant interior, service were on point BUT they were pricey. 

#5 Sangria
If you haven't tried sangria in Spain, you've definitely not been to Spain. I absolutely love it, it is my go to drink when we eat out. Evon did not approve of it though.

Details of the restaurants that I have been to:
Restaurant 7 Portes 
Passeig Isabel II, 
14, 08003 

La Paradeta Sants
C / Riego, 
27, 08010 

Ikibana Parallel 
Avenida del Paralelo, 
148 · Barcelona

Places we went to will be on the next Barcelona post. Stay tune! 

Good night all!

Lots of love,
zhi wei x

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