Monday, 27 October 2014

Rainbow & Monster Villages; Taichung #3

** Warning!! The top part of this post will be filled with striking colors that may hurt your eyes **

Introducing: Rainbow Village

Yes. Everything in here is literally rainbow colored. It's a very happy go lucky village, where you can jam with a rainbow Ironman with the rainbow instruments provided. I absolutely love this place!!

We found out that owner of this cute village is over a 100 years old and is living in here. He was chilling around the village during our visit. It was such a great opportunity to meet him. Wishing him good health and have more good things to come xx.

Wishing papers are hung all around this little village. 

The Chinese characters on the far right translates: Good health is the capital.

Introducing: Monster Village

Monster Village is not that scary, to be honest. It was an interesting visit though. 

Their lucky cats that were on sale aren't the typical lucky cats. They looked monstrous, don't they? 

Everything was just weird and hipster looking, don't you think? Tryna look scared of the monster

I really like this, it's like the Devil version of Pinocchio. So kids, this is why we shouldn't lie HAHA.

We were introduced to the plant of Aiyu jelly, 爱玉. 

Taiwan is famous for their amazing foods and drinks in night markets everywhere. Their all time famous drink is boba/bubble tea, which I am pretty sure everybody knows about it. One of their other famous drinks that is sold all around Taiwan is iced aiyu 爱玉冰. And the jellies in this drink are made out of this plant. It is so amazing how these things look like hedgehogs now and then tadaa, they turn into jellies. I was truly impressed *nods. 

Took a walk around the forest that is close by Monster Village. I'm starting to love forests so much more now.

.. And we came across one of the rarest animals, Red Squirrel

So much red cuteness xx.

That's all, readers. 
Hope this makes you wanna explore more around Taiwan other than visiting the touristy sites in Taipei.

Lots of Love,
zhi wei x

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