Friday, 7 November 2014

Las Vegas; The Strip #4

Hello there everybody!
Don't worry, I have not forgotten to update about our trip to America! Let's carry on with Las Vegas. After our amazing dinner at Gordan Ramsay's, Lydia kindly gave us a ride around The Strip. 

Yes. It's The Strip. The neon lights and sick bass blasting literally everywhere, exactly like what you see in Step Up movie series. The Strip itself actually make you feel as if you're traveling around the world in just one night. The details they put into the architectures and lightings and everything. 

Sorry, my photography skill was not as good that night cause I was super excited. After we've checked into our hotel, we decided to walk around The Strip cause the night was still young. I was hoping to bump into Ryan Higa at that point, but unfortunately luck was not with me. I'm a big, big fan of Ryan Higa by the way. Just saying lol 


The only acceptable group picture of the night HAHAH.

They look absolutely amazing, don't they? We literally went from New York to Paris to Venice to Rome and many, many more. All these casino hotels have their own featured themes, that's what make each of them unique. Mirage has a volcano explosion show every now and then, which is just amazing. I watched it from the car the next evening (spoiler) apologies for not having any pictures.

Last but not least, The Quad..

.. where this huge ferris wheel stands out from the entire Strip.

Breathtaking view to end our night. I was awestruck. 
Hands down to you, Las Vegas.

Lots of Love,
zhi wei x

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