Friday, 13 December 2013

Christmas Dinner Ball

Hello there!
It's the beginning of the Christmas break & I'm super excited. Can't wait for so many things to happen & hopefully I'll get a temporary job in the mean time. I think it's a week ago when I was at this Christmas Ball organized by the Asian societies at Marriott Hotel, inclusive of HongKong, Singapore & few other societies. I'm not doing a good job being part of the committee, aren't I?

That was indeed, my very first Malaysian society event! 
Worth a celebration. *throws confetti*

It was a 3 course meal, I didn't manage to snap the appetizer cause I was crazy hungry by the time it arrived. It was basically Tomato & Roast Red Pepper soup

The main was a traditional roast turkey & I was absolutely disappointed with it. The stuffings & pig in blanket were not as nice as I thought they would be. The turkey itself was super dry and since there was so little gravy, I wasn't able to finish the whole dish. Also, the mini cabbages were really bitter & I don't think I should blame the chefs for that. I think I can host a food talk show in the future. HAHAHA. Still, I think the way they present the dish is quite pretty.

This, was, amazing. Finished the whole thing in one go.

Pictures & pictures with the new friends;

Malaysia represents

Have an amazing Christmas break my lovely readers!
zhi wei x

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