Saturday, 6 September 2014

Home café, Liverpool

Hello melloo!
Summer is coming to an end and I cannot believe how fast this summer has gone by. Another academic year coming soon. Anyway, I've made a spontaneous trip down town to disturb my friends. I was literally that bored after exams during summer. They were having coffee & reading books in this café.

Introducing: Home café 

This café is located right in the middle of town, some where around TopShop. To be honest, I have passed by that area a couple of times but I just didn't bother to enter. It didn't really catch my eye 'cause it doesn't look fancy pancy from the outside. The moment I entered this place, I proved myself right. It is not fancy pancy at all. It's quiet, calm and cosy. And to my surprise, I really, really love it. The café really does represent it's name well.  


It feels like home, doesn't it? x

Hello there *smiles

The girls who put up with my craziness & still accept me for who I am ♡

Pulled pork sandwich for my hungry tummy 

.. and a simple cup of Americano

I don't remember the prices but I remembered it being quite reasonable. That sandwich was really, really delicious. The portion was not too big nor too small. The staffs were friendly and patient towards indecisive me. Overall, it was definitely a good visit & will visit again when I fly back to Liverpool.

Sweet dreams world,
zhi wei x

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