Monday, 8 September 2014

Chicago, The Windy City #2

Hello there!
It is time for Chicago day two. The next day was much sunnier than the first day. We were all awaken by the streaming sun through the window. I went out to the balcony to enjoy our amazing skyscrape view first thing in the morning. 

After a light breakfast, we went back to The Bean as the weather was not co-operating with us the day before. There were arts of skyscrapers along the corridor wall the hotel. Super pretty right? 

Before The Bean, more skyscrapers! Don't you think it's so Chicago?

.. and my 你在叫我吗? pose. HAHA.

Millennium Park is where The Bean is located. 

The Bean group pictures with my partners in crime x

.. and then there's me loving myself. Hahaha

This is just a magnificent view from somewhere around the park. 

.. and then there's me again. Haaaiii *waves

It was really, really hot in Chicago. I was literally going from shops to shops looking for places with air condition. We all had a light pre-lunch meal at Naf Naf after visiting The Bean. I personally think this restaurant is just like a kebab shop but slightly higher class.

We all shared shawarma and a bowl of salad with pita bread

Judging by this picture, you know I was boiling hot with my pinky face and I feed myself well.

We passed by this pretty place on the way to the restaurant. 

Where did we headed off for lunch? Stay tune! xx

Sweet dreams,
zhi wei x

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