Thursday, 18 September 2014

Giordano's, Chicago #3

Hello my fellows!
Summer is officially over. Yes, I'm emphasizing it again and again cause I'm having a serious summertime sadness here. I want summer to start all over again. Uni is starting next week and let's hope we all don't catch the freshers flu. Do expect a coughing orchestra on campus next week though!

Anyway, remember I was saying we were heading for lunch in Chicago?

Introducing: Giordano's

I was recommended to visit here by a friend before flying to the states. Apparently this is a must-try place in Chicago. Why? You will find out when you see the foods we've ordered. To give you a little thought, it is like durian from Malaysia. It is either you love it so much or hate it even thinking about it makes you sick.

Here's one way to decide whether to visit:
 Hate cheese? Forget it.
Love cheese to the point where you want to marry it? Just stay in this restaurant.

When guys talk about footballs and cars; Zian posing for the camera; Me trying to understand this situation

My everybody-is-ignoring-me face

It took them quite a while to serve our orders as it was full house when we visited. Are you ready to see our foods? Excited, aren't you?



Thick Hawaiian Pizza

Oh. My. God. Look at them cheese! Too much cheese. Too. Much.

Honestly, I'm not a super duper fan of cheese. I don't hate it but I don't mind having it, you know. Zian hates cheese so much, so we've specially ordered the next pizza for him. Otherwise he wouldn't eat the previous one. That is literally how much he hates it.

BBQ Chicken Cheese-free Pizza

Us four people couldn't even finish these two pizzas. Just imagine the amount of cheese served and the sizes of the pizzas. Honestly, I didn't have pizza ever since that meal. I still need time to recover from excessive amount of cheese. 

It was time to fly to the next city after lunch. Where did we headed to next?

Yes. It's time to paaaaarty, everybody!

Have a sweet dream!
zhi wei x

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