Friday, 12 September 2014


Hello everybody! 
I'm hiding under my duvet as the air condition is blasting directly towards my feet. Yes, it's cold and it's 3 o'clock in the morning. I'm not sleeping yet. I'm sorry to kill the vibe but I'm not emo. I just want to save all my sleeping for the 13 hours long journey tonight.

It has been a while. Summer has finally come to an end. I really need to get my brains working again. I have been using my heart and emotions a lot this summer. I have seen things I've not seen before. Once again, I've learnt so much and will try my best to make myself better. These are the things you learn only through experiences and the realization is priceless. The moment when you go "Oh, now I know.", you can never buy these.

The Earth is such a small place but it can accommodate so many people. Same goes for a heart, you can collect as many people as you want in it or you can put no one at all; As the amount of people grow on Earth, the harder it gets for the Earth to satisfy everybody's needs. Like wise for a heart. Hence, the world may end up being ugly and it will be so hard for the Earth to be how it used to be anymore. You do not directly do lab works to research on feelings, like how scientists research on the Earth; Nor every explanation published is 100%. Thus, heart breaks. 

Worst thing when this happens? You can never choose who breaks your heart. Personally, I think heart breaks from friendships are way more painful than relationships'. The scariest thing about these heart breaks is that you do not realize that it is coming for you until it really gets you in the end. You will then have to bear all the realization all at once and face the reality with a metallic heart. Sometimes, I really want to walk up to heart breakers & tell them 'I will have a better life without you. Watch me.' But all I need now is time.

Eventually it will come to a point when you can look into mirror and sing..

"I’m stronger than yesterday.
Now it’s nothing but my way.
My loneliness ain't killing me no more.
I’m stronger."

.. while doing that chair dance like Britney Spears 14 years ago. Hahaha good luck!

Sweet dreams world,
zhi wei x

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