Monday, 25 August 2014

Chicago, The Windy City #1

Happy summer everybody!
I just came back from my weekend getaway to Penang. It was a cosy and happy tummy experience. Stay tune for more summer updates. I have so much to update yet so little time. 

Anyway, I flew over to Chicago, the states to visit my friends before coming back home. We all went for a road trip. Yes, a road trip with friends. In America. It's so cliche but we made it happen. It was one of my best vacations yet. However, my trip did not start off very well. I was stopped from getting on the plane cause my initial flight was meant to transit in Canada and I did not had a Canadian visa. It was a disaster but I came up with a solution after that.

We stayed in a really amazing hotel. We do know how to pamper ourselves well. 

Selfie with my road trip buddies. So much love x

The views from our hotel room? See for yourselves 

Are they super amazing or super amazing? We didn't even realize that we were so high up.

After checking in, we went around Chicago since it will be our only day here. We decided to pay the bean a visit since it's a must go place in our list. The hotel was not very far to the bean so we walked there.

Also, you've never been to Chicago if you have not experience this. You have no idea how crazy strong the wind was! This is the only more picture of me that I've taken.

It was our only day in Chicago and the weather was not willing to cooperate. I think these are nice pictures of what Chicago basically is though.

Hello there, Mr. Bean..

.. then this happened. We had to run to look for shelter. Bummer.

Miss Zhi Wei is not impressed

Our impressions towards the pouring rain outside 

When the rain finally came to an end, we took a mini tour around Eataly. It's nothing outstanding, really. Just a building that makes you feel like you're in Italy for that moment.

I couldn't agree more with this

It sure was crowded. I guess that's cause it was dinner time. I didn't get anything in particular but it was nice just walking around. Our dinner was not anything fancy pancy. Some nice and simple things to fill up our hungry tummies.

I cannot get enough with the view from our balcony. Way, way gorgeous at night x

We ended our night with good dreams and that was how our journey begun. Really blessed to have everything. 

Have a sweet dream, 
zhi wei x

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