Monday, 22 June 2015

Angels with Bagpipes, Edinburgh

Hello readers!
I have 2 more weeks of placement to go before it's officially summer for me! It's so close yet so far. I've had an amazing weekend with a couple of lovely friends who visited from Nottingham. The weather was not cooperating when we were out and about. I felt unexpectedly tiny ill yesterday but I will recover soon. 

Introducing: Angels with Bagpipes

Nicole brought us to this amazing restaurant, located right opposite St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh city centre. It was a busy weekend whilst we were there but thankfully Nicole has made a booking. We've ordered two-coursed meal, which costed us £14.95 each.

Smoked Mackerel Pate with beetroot

Mussels with lemon grass, chili and coriander 

12 hour braised beef with white onion risotto and asparagus 

Orecchiette pasta with broccoli, walnut and parmesan 

We really enjoyed ourselves. I didn't think they serve the best food during that visit. I guess that is because we ordered the lunch coursed meal, which tends to be simpler and not the best food they have in their restaurant. I supposed their A la carte foods would have been better anyway.

We took a walk around Edinburgh after our meal. Nicole is so small and such a cutie!

Last but not least, my Edinburgh ootd

Have a sweet dreams, everybody 

Lots of Love,
zhi wei x


  1. Ahh, looking at your blogpost makes me miss Edinburgh :( Glad that you had a great time there!

    Hang tight, princess; summer is coming on the way for you real soon!! :)

    Lotsa love x

    1. Thanks momma! Really hope to see you soon xx