Saturday, 4 July 2015

Disney Café, Harrods

Hello everybody! 
Summer has officially begun for me. WOOOHOOOOO. You have no idea, no idea how excited I am right now. The weather up in Liverpool has been changing from super sunny to cold + rain. It's ridiculous. Thankfully I'm off for a holiday myself soon. 

Introducing: Disney Café by Harrods

Everything is absolutely magical and very Mickey Mouse centered. It is pretty much a mini Disneyland, excluding the rides. I am a pretty Disney person but I don't enjoy going to Disneyland 'cause I know I would spend crazy lots and I really do not enjoy queueing up. 

A little fun stuff to do whilst waiting for our foods to be served

Mini hamburgers & French Fries to share

My forever companion x

I personally think that the choices in the menu is very limited. It was just a one-off experience, not a spot where I would keep going back. It was a good experience though, staffs were very friendly. You see children dressed up as princesses in this restaurants. Oh, super adorbs. 

Shout out to my favorite princess. Hee.

Let's play a name-all-the-princesses-you-spot game. 

Have a great summer!

zhi wei x

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