Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Throwback Summer #4 ; Publika

Hello there! While I'm here in the gym waiting for my partner to come back, here's another throwback post when I've spent the morning with my bitch and celebrated Xiuming's 19th birthday.

We've had our hair done in Thomas & Guys at Sunway's branch. I've always liked doing all these girly stuffs with my homies. To be honest, I really don't like choosing hair colors dyes cause I've always wanted to color my hair but only the subtle colors, which is quite unpredictable. I always ended up annoying all the hair stylists and everyone hates me. Boohoo. I've always imagined myself with bright colored hair, like Xiaxue's rainbow and pink hair. But I don't have the balls to do those. 

Who is this cutie pie?

This is how I looked in the end. I was really satisfied though ;

I looked so 你在说什么呀~ here. Get it get it?! Do not excuse my randomness, ACCEPT IT. xoxo

I went over to bitch's place after our hairdo to get ready to head to Publika. It sounded like a club/pub to me but apparently it's like a shopping centre, with plenty of cafés and posh restaurants. Mingli came over a while later and we've just got bored.

Just pictures of us ;

Don't I look so pastels, unicorns, laces & cupcakes here? *twinkles twinkles*

Here's us in the toilet. Yeap, we wear slippers out most of the times ;

We've chilled in a Fahrenheit 600 while waiting for the birthday girl to arrive. Couldn't resist to order cakes. They all looked so yummy. Big eaters aren't we? Cakes as appetisers before dinner ;

When the birthday girl finally arrived, we spent time taking #ootn and group pictures instead of looking for a good restaurant. I think Publika is a really beautiful place, especially during the nights when all the lights are up and people start chilling around the area.

My ootn ;

Dress from Raqulreed. Click here for more! xx

With ze bitch ;

And a groupie of us girls ;

We've settled down in Silver Spoon which was just right around the corner where we took our pictures. I really don't have much pictures from that night to be honest. We've spent most of the time chatting and communicating with eye contacts on how to bring the cake out to surprise her. Basically, we've had the most attention in the whole restaurant that night.

But here's an adorable picture of Xiuming blowing the lights off the candles on her rainbow cake ;

Raaawwwwrrrrr. Love her to bits.

Have a lovely evening! 
zhi wei x

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