Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Stepping into Cardiff #2


Here's a continuous post when I was in Cardiff visiting my cousin. We had buffet for dinner the next day at Red Hot World Buffet. It's probably everywhere in England, but there were so many foods and I went crazy. Literally.

They even have a gigantic globe at the middle of the restaurant. The best part about this globe is that it spins round and round and round and round. *Totally impressed*

Look at the booths ;

The dessert booth is my favourite and you can eat as much as you want. I was smiling the moment I got escorted to my seat till the moment I left the restaurant. The people might be thinking that I was nuts.

Just us with our satisfying faces ;

The toilets even looked really pretty. I'm always so in love with seashells & white stones decorations, especially in toilets. No matter where you put them, they will always make the toilets look really sweety grand.

Just me smiling at my reflections cause I always wonder who's this pretty girl I see every morning. HAHAHA.

My cousin decided to watch Running Man instead of chatting with an amazing cousin of hers who travelled all the way to Cardiff to visit her.

I love her room, it's just so me. With the cupcakes and pink soft toys and everything. *Love is in the air*

Have a great night! *smug face*
zhi wei x

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