Saturday, 5 October 2013

Throwback Summer #1 ; Sketch

Hello there!
I had a really amazing summer this year both before and after I went back home. Before I went home this year, mummy came over to London to visit and I brought her to Sketch, which was recommended by a friend for afternoon tea.

Having afternoon tea in London is much different compared to having it back home. It feels so different, probably because of the weather. The setting in Sketch is so creative and beautiful. It's designs will keep you thinking, at least it made me did.

It is said that each and every cutleries in Sketch has different designs. Imagine how many designs are there in this whole restaurant. I guess this is one of the reasons why Sketch got awarded two Michelin stars this year. There are so many different themes in this restaurants, but reservations are required. We didn't make any reservations so we were escorted to have our tea at the normal dining area, which was too gorgeous to be a normal dining area.

The teacups and pots are so vintage-style ;

This was our afternoon tea set ;

These scones were simply amazing, with the two different jams & buttercream ;

One of the things I really love doing is to go to the loo and it is said that the toilet is a must-go place. So, I did and this is what I came into ;

Basically, the toilet there is kinda unisex. When you enter this white room in Sketch, you're definitely in the toilet. Before going up the stairs, there was this lady who I assume works there, dressed up as a French maid escorting a dude and I to the correct stairs but we ended up going up to the same floor so I don't quite see the point. This is the stairways to the female side of the toilet. The dinosaur eggs below is where you do your businesses. They are so adorable, aren't they?

Still, this whole concept of washroom is just so creative. Who would ever thought of this? Like seriously, taking a pee in a dinosaur egg. The rainbow glasses at the ceiling are like the alien's UFO who lay all these dinosaur eggs. Sorry didn't mean to make such comments, aliens are messing my mind again. Also, after I flushed the toilet, there was some recording that said something that I could barely hear cause the flushing water covers up the voice. But there's definitely a voice coming out somewhere within my dinosaur egg. 

I couldn't resist but to snap pictures. The mirrors even give you nice comments.

'You look great! And remember I can't lie - I'm just a mirror.' 
    - Mirror #1

'Looking good, feeling good!'
     - Mirror #2

Aren't these mirrors such sweet hearts. Have a great year, mirrors.

Have a great evening!
zhi wei x

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