Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Throwback Summer #5 ; Thirty8

Helloo there! How's freshers treating you lads? My floor mates have been going home & doing family activities etc. over the weekends. To be honest, being independent is really hard sometimes. I wanna be pampered, I want a mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream & marshmallows being made for me. Honestly, I do get a little homesick when I see them being able to go home just like that. Especially when I don't meet many international students here and I haven't been participating in any of the Malaysian society activities yet. Still, it's more like an on and off kind of thing and it's good overall, all good.

Here's another throwback post during the summer when we threw a surprise party for Ru with the girls at Thirty8 in Grand Hyatt. It went pretty well overall, I must say. 

With Teng & Evon whilst waiting for the rest to arrive along with the birthday girl. We decorated the place with all these pretty balloons ;

With Teng ;

The place looked so filled with love ;

When the girls arrived, this was how Ru entered and she was blindfolded throughout the moment she stepped out of the house. Yeap, that includes the car journey as well ;

Okay fine, maybe she wasn't that surprised after all but it's our efforts that counts right? (Me being cheesy again). 

We've ordered Thirty8's signature cake as a birthday cake for her. The waiter was asking what message did we want to be written on the cake and when we said Happy birthday Ruru. His face was totally epic and he repeated Ruru?! so many times. I think Ruru is such a cute nickname we gave her. 

Here's one of the two afternoon tea sets we've ordered. We couldn't finish them even when there were six of us there ;
I remembered the almond stick that's standing tall in the picture, between both macarons on the highest tier being really, really bitter. None of us liked it. It was tougher than I figured to find a good photographer in the sea of waiters in this restaurant. They all seemed to need some intensive photographing course. Ru brought her Polaroid and one out of five pictures the waiter took was just barely acceptable. Not great, acceptable. 

Here's the one ;

Evon had this Wavecam app which is really cool. I've downloaded it myself as well. It's just basically a self-timer camera when you wave at one specific point on the screen. So we had fun with it. We're shameless people.

Evon, Ru, Teng, Jin, Mone, Joey & I. xx

Happy belated 19th birthday sweetie Ru. Look how happy she looked *crowd goes awwww* ;

Just us at the back seat on the way back ;

Have a great night readers! 
zhi wei x

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