Monday, 28 October 2013

Egg Café


Here I am, in Starbucks, sipping the Halloween edition's salted caramel hot chocolate. I absolutely love it, do try it people. I'm having reading week for this whole week, which is amazing, we all do need a break from all the anatomical terms and revise them all over again. Lovin' my Ursula top. Heh.

The other day during our lunch break, my course mate introduced this café to us. It's a vegetarian café and to my surprise, I really like it there. Yes, it's the one with bright purple entrance. The café is right at the top of this building. It's quite hidden in town, another reason for me to love it.

Look at this place, I love how the leaves actually look nice with the purple background ;

The best thing that they have is hot chocolate, WITH SOYA ;

Soup of the day ;

Fresh Hummus ;

Veggie spicy burger ;

They serve foods in really large portion, with healthy sides and pastas. It's really worth every penny you pay. Plus, since it's quite hidden, it doesn't get so busy so you don't have to shout to talk to your friends. I'm definitely visiting again for the soya hot chocolate. Yumms.

Have a great week ahead!
zhi wei x

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