Thursday, 10 October 2013

Throwback Summer #2 ; Cambridge

Hello there!
England is best known for its old age cathedral everywhere. After being here for a couple of years, I absolutely agree with that. There are cathedrals wherever you go in England, UK even. I personally think they're gorgeous even though they look very similar from afar. 

One of the places mummy and I visited when she came over was Cambridge. Its an absolutely amazing city with plenty of cathedrals.

King's college Cambridge ;

Round church ;

We stopped by at Auntie's Tea Shop for afternoon tea before heading to punting. I've had eggs & bacons on potato waffles, which honestly was not as good as I expected while mummy had a blueberry muffin and we shared a scone as well. They are famous for their scones apparently and it was really delicious. 

Punting is a must-do thing in Cambridge. It's just like you haven't been to Malaysia if you don't eat Nasi Lemak, and the list of foods goes on. I promise you, most of the punters are so good looking. Since it was a really sunny day, some punters took off their tops and display their amazing body. Mummy and I were just like WOAH WOAH WOAH. 

Before getting on the boat ;

There's a story behind this bridge whereby the university students had to cross this very bridge from their halls to the exam halls. Thus naming this the sigh bridge ;

It definitely was a lovely day ;

Hi there! With mummy being so touristy ;

Trying to snap a photo with the punter ;

Have a great evening people! 
zhi wei x

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