Sunday, 20 October 2013

Stepping into Cardiff #1

Hello there! Just got back from my trip to London and definitely a weekend well spent, will update about it soon. I love traveling around, especially in the UK. They have so many gorgeous cities and I want to see them all! I've visited my cousie in Cardiff last weekend. We both were pretty homesick and one of us had to make a move, otherwise we won't be seeing each other at all. We just wanted a good Asian dinner so we've decided on Korean at Yaki Niku.

Here's us in the cab on the way to the restaurant ;

Yaki Niku is quite a distance from the central of Cardiff, so taxi is probably a better idea. It's pretty hidden as well for one moment we thought we were in deep shit when the driver drove into somewhere dark. I'm pretty sure they do nursery or something within as well, cause we saw kids in the playroom while we were looking for the entrance.

The very Korean-ish appetisers ;

The iced tea we've shared ;

Heyoooo ;

While waiting for foods to arrive ;

The following pictures are gonna be super tempting, so if you're dying for some midnight snacks or craving for Korean foods, LOOK AT IT. 

Korean pancake ;

Korean glass noodle ;

Bibimbap ;

My oh-so-fabulous way of eating ;

Just us with the mouth watering BBQ beef ;

I'm such a great cook ;

My ootn ;

Dress is from Raqulreed as well. They're doing this dress in black in a promo pack at the moment. Click here for newly updated clothes or click on the link on the right. Follow them on Instagram for more promo packs! xx

Just to end this post formally ;

Have a great week and sweet dreams! 
zhi wei x

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