Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Baa bar

Hello there! 
Since we're freshers, we do what all freshers do. SOCIALISE. I really do like to people on my floor in my hall and also people from other floors as well but I still don't know many of them. They are such amazing people. We basically have fun together and when we feel lazy, we all get lazy at the same time. Not all the time, but most times. But it doesn't really apply to me, cause I'm tired all the time. I'm so good at sleeping, you all have no idea. 

So the other night we went to Baa bar. I'm not so sure why that's the name, I think Liverpool is somewhat into sheep and lambs for some reason.

Here we are, having fun in the kitchen before catching the last bus out ;

With Eadaoin & Onella ;

With Sammie ;

With Izzy ;

We were all in T-shirts, cause going out in dresses and bodycons are too mainstream and we're cool like that yo!

Baa bar was as crowded as usual, Izzy and I got ourselves some smokey drink, which was really cool I have to admit. It tasted somewhat like sweet cherry or some raspberry juice but it's delicious. I did get quite upset when I've finished mine. Left earlier cause I was really exhausted. Typical me, but I've definitely had a great night.

Look at our excited faces ;

#ootn ;

Good night everybody! Have a great day tomorrow!
Next update - throwback summer #2
zhi wei x

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