Thursday, 12 September 2013


Hello there!
Here I am, under a thick duvet with four standard sized pillows around me. It has been raining since morning and my mood automatically turned upside down. I do not like rains especially when I'm here to explore and familiarise this new city. 

Anyways, my bitch slept over my place the other night and we spent time together for the next whole day. That was one of the best days back home. 

We went to Thirty8 at Grand Hyatt for desserts at night after doing crazy lots of shopping around KL during the day. 

Absolutely candid ;

Here are the desserts that we've ordered;

This is their signature cake, which everyone orders. The cylinder-shaped chocolate cake was not too sweet and has a chocolate moose texture. It came with caramel flooding over it and banana flavoured ice cream over some crumbs beside. The 3 raspberries in our serving however was really sour. But still, I really love this thing.

For the record, my bitch does not like chocolate at all. So basically I've had all these for myself. I love eating desserts with her. Hehe.

This is a mango pudding that tasted really mango-ish. It had fresh cut mangoes and a scoop of mango ice cream. It came with a stick-like sticky almonds, which tasted quite bitter somehow.

This dessert looks simple but according to my bitch, it tasted absolutely amazing. Basically it had bananas over a plate of coconut crumbles if I'm not mistaken. I didn't really try this cause she ate most of it whilst I gobbled up the whole signature cake.

Tryna act I'm on some food television show;

The view from our table were absolutely breathtaking. We were sitting directly opposite Malaysia's famous twin tower. The night lights adding to the traffic jams below us feels so Malaysia and I honestly don't think you can find this anywhere else.

Okay, I'm feeling a little homesick now. 

Pictures & pictures of us ;

I love how we actually spend girly nights together once in a while


                     Have a lovely night and sweet dreams! 
 zhiwei x

ps. I'm Carmen, and she loves me. :) xx 

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