Saturday, 31 August 2013

Orchid Room, Majestic Hotel

The Orchid Room Tea Lounge at Majestic Hotel is simply beautiful. It is like you're having your afternoon tea in an orchid garden except there are no mosquitoes flying around being fed. (Such a typical Malaysian way of thinking)

We were there a couple of weeks ago. Yes I know, I haven't been blogging all these while. 
Here is one picture that makes all the wait worth for ;

The feminine side of me pouring their special mix-blended tea so very gently. I feel so Mulan here when she was pouring the tea for the match maker.

I'm not a fan of scones but this is really amazing compared to the others I've tried before. I love the blueberry cheesecake too but it was really disappointingly small though. One thing about afternoon tea is that you're not supposed to fill up your tummy but this set just made us bloated. This was what we'd shared between two ;

With my always partner in crime;

With Bernice, she's pretty isn't she;

With Mingli at the back seat;

Just to add-on, the Orchid room only had three tables and it's located by the corridor. So when you're eating, you're kind of expected to put the foods into your mouth to entertain the passerby. Otherwise, the whole environment is lovely. 
Here are pictures of us; 

That really was one of the most lovely evening. x

Next update coming soon! (I hope)
Have a great dinner everyone.
zhiwei x

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