Sunday, 22 February 2015

Las Vegas; Bacchanal Buffet #5

Hello everybody! 
Let's throwback to last summer, shall we? I flew over to the states to visit some friends and had an amazing road trip together. This was our view from our hotel the next morning. 

How much prettier can it get? I don't even know.

.. and it was time for brunch! We headed to Caesars Palace once again. But this time to a different restaurant. Caesars Palace has so many things in it. I just hope one day I will be able to afford to stay there.

We settled on Bascchanal Buffet. The reviews are really good. It was voted the best buffet in Las Vegas. Need more reason to try it? Don't think so. If I am not mistaken, it was $37 each and we could eat all we want. 

Lyd & I x

There were countless of cuisines in this buffet. From Asian all the way to European. I didn't take much pictures though as there were so many people at the queue and it wouldn't be nice if I were to stop them and take food pictures.  

I didn't like how messy this looked though. 

Even the chef looks happy HAHA.

And to my favorite part of the meal - desserts! 

They all look so delicious and I actually took most of them back to our seats.

I love how they are not biased with their desserts. They have got the Asian side of desserts, like green tea and pandan; They also have got the Western ones. 

Just me being a very mom-sie friend; 

The boys wanted to take a nap in the rooms so I went shopping. A shopping mall was literally connected across this bridge. And, Forever 21 is super cheap in the states compared to home and the UK.

Watched the sun rise at the rooftop after a night out. #blessed

Lots of Love,
zhi wei x

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