Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Baltic Bakehouse, Bridgewater Street

Hello everybody!
I am still on my spring break. I am really enjoying my free time but worried about things at the same time. I am watching Rush Hour on the telly as I am writing this blog post. I love every Rush Hour series. 

Anyway, Rachel and I went to Baltic Bakehouse for brunch on one of the mornings. We've read a couple of good reviews about their home made breads and Rachel is obsessed with breads. HAHAHA.

There were only limited selection as they were all freshly made on the morning itself.

The cafĂ© is not very spacious but it was cosy. Felt so much like a little cottage. 

Custard Pie, which was super duper amazing. Rachel and I were literally fighting over it. 

Sticky Bread. It was literally sticky. I personally did not think it was out of the league amazing.

Sauté mushroom and sausage on toasted breads. It was really good. Rachel loved the bread so much.

Home made sausage roll. It was one of my least favorite. The bread was too hard for me.

Om-nom-nom-nom face. 

I absolutely love how homey the decors are in this shop.

It was not an easy place to find but it is definitely worth a try. Overall, I think it was just alright.


Last but not least, my favorite companion in Liverpool.

I think Rachel looked super adorbs here. Hee.

Have a good mid-week!

Lots of Love,
zhi wei x

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