Friday, 17 May 2013

Spontaneous Ashmolean

Helloo there!


Today went surprisingly different. Had dinner with Nicole at KFC. Nicole sounds like my eating friend and she really kinda is actually. I don't know why I take pictures of the chickens but just look at that. How can you resist?! Unless you're a vegetarian etc. 

After dinner, we initially decided to head home and carry on with our typical Friday nights, that is, at the moment, studying. But not today! We were doing something else before we headed to :

Ashmolean Museum! So pretty, isn't it? Don't worry, if you're not a very museum person, this post wouldn't bore you. 

Look how excited we are, with our Asian eyes.

Nicole ;

Yes yes, my eyes are missing in this picture, but I thought she looked really cute here. 

Pictures below are not to offend anyone, it's just a different way of snapping photos :

Snapped pictures with this amazing person, who owns museums ;

I really had fun that day so many things to look, see and play with. They have activities and events on certain nights and day (maybe). But if you're here at Oxford, why not? x

Have a great weekend!

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