Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Oh Me Oh My - A Secret Space

Hello there!
On Nicole's last day in Liverpool, we went for afternoon tea at Oh Me Oh My. This place is located somewhere nearby where Albert Dock is. This place was recommended to me by a staff from The LEAF as the afternoon tea there was fully booked when I called. Oh Me Oh My is only opened for afternoon tea on weekdays whereas The LEAF is only opened for tea during the weekends. 

This is where it is ; Inside West Africa House

If you look closely, it says OH ME OH MY on the glass window ;

I absolutely love this place, such class and enormous space. There were not many people but everything was perfect during our visit. I guess that's why they call it A Secret Space. To be honest, I already love this place by it's name. It sounds so bitchy in the 20th century if you say it in that sort of accent and attitude. If you get it what I mean.

SO PRETTY RIGHT. And also that girl in the next picture. I know you think so too, don't lie to yourself.

There were selection of teas for us on the table. These are samples which are put in a box. We can smell it and do whatever with it. The best part is, we can have as many tea pots of different teas as we want with no extra costs! And the staffs were really friendly. It is one of the best place I've been to so far in the UK.

.. And our teas arrived! I think we've ordered Lemon and two different flower teas 

I am just so feminine 

And here's our tea set 

Selection of sandwiches (I LOVE THE HAM AND CHEESE ONES) 

Crème brûlée, Orange madeleine 

Scones with cream & jam, Chocolate & cream éclair  

This shows how much I love this place x

Oh my god, oh my god! And I think the next two pictures are so artistic 

There is this huge mirror that looks like Hollywood stars' mirrors in their changing rooms  

Better news, all these for £14 per person! It's quite pricey but it's much more reasonable compared to other tea houses with such ambiance. Highly recommend this place to everybody! X

Lots of Love,
zhiwei x

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  1. Ahhhh I forgot how much I liked that place! sorry wei I'm just stalking your blog at 3 am don't mind me