Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Seoul Love, Bold Street

Hello there,
Nicole came to visit and we dined at Seoul Love which is at Bold Street. Nicole decided that she loved Bold Street when she came over cause let me tell you, this street has EVERYTHING. Anyway, this restaurant is basically a fusion of Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

To be honest, the whole restaurant did not felt like a Korean restaurant but it's more like a Chinese restaurant trying to be a Korean restaurant. Besides those little random Korean decorations, it felt pretty much like a typical Chinese restaurant.

Geddit now? I mean I can't complain cause it's a fusion restaurant. 

These are the drinks we've ordered ;

有没有很 Kyeopta
PS: The bottled green tea is disgusting.

Seafood Kimchi Korean Pancake ;

Personally, I dislike kimchi very much. This does not have a strong Kimchi taste so it's alright for me. However, if it's for typical Koreans or Kimchi lovers, this is definitely a big no-no. There were not much seafoods in this pancakes, which is such a huge disappointment. 

Bulgogi, Grilled Marinated Beef ;
I did not like this. It was not great and definitely not good. I love the onions on it more than the meat itself.

Jap Chae, Korean Glass Noodles ;

This was the only dish that we both thought was better among the rest. I did not think any Korean restaurants can actually get this wrong unless it's shit. 

Ginseng Chicken Soup ;

There was not any taste to this soup and without the right taste, this whole dish is ruined. The best one I've tasted was a Korean restaurant in Oxford. I want to go back Oxford someday. 

I did not like this restaurant but give it a try if you're curious. The price is actually very reasonable compared to the other Koreans restaurants I've been to. There were nobody throughout the time we've spent there. I guess there's a reason for that. Or maybe it was cause that was way pass dinner time when we were there.

Lots of Love,
zhi wei x

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