Friday, 7 February 2014

Sketch ; The Glade

Hello there!
As you may or may not noticed, I am always heading down to London. This time I headed down to see my high school friends from Sirius Scholar, Ruru & MHong. I was longing for that weekend for weeks! I love how Ruru always visits me in the UK. I feel so loved x

Taking the train like a boss ;

Here's us in McDonald's cause we were hungry out of the blue ;

Strolled around Oxford Street with them lovelies ;

Ruruu <3

We headed to Sketch after that. It was my second visit to Sketch and this time we've booked a themed room, The Glade. It's a really easy process to make this booking, just simply visit their website.

Look at this place x

The lighting there was quite dimmed when we went there, it made me sleepy while eating. There is a mini bar at the side of this section, where you can order drinks. Ruru and I shared a typical afternoon tea set whilst MHong ordered some cakes for himself. I love how feminine I looked in the next picture ;

Our afternoon tea set ;

It came with scones for each of us as well ;


I personally think that the afternoon tea set was similar to the one I've had with mummy last summer ;

This is probably the only difference compared to the afternoon tea set I've had before. Such a beautiful butterfly ;

Groupie ;

I just love this place but it's too pricey for me to go back often ;

Selfies in the toilet. It is a must to visit the toilet in Sketch ;


This is such a pretty entrance 

Ending this post with a pretty London view x

Lots of love,
zhi wei x

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