Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Keukenhof & Tulips #2

Hello there! As promised, more tulips to come! This will be a real quick post about our trip to Keukenhof. It was a really long bus journey from Amsterdam, we fell asleep throughout. The bus was really packed as well but who does not want to see tulips when they are all the way in Holland?

It was the tulip season so you will only get this during certain period of time in the year. We were very much lucky to have so many beautiful tulips blooming when we were there! 

We were welcomed by a pretty Dutch lady

Not sure if I'm happier cause of my hot dog or cause I am in such beautiful place. HAHA

There were tulips literally everywhere. Just ordering my brother to go into the other clog in the picture above so we could take a picture together. Lavenders have always been one of my favorite flowers. There were so many different species of lavenders and I could not help but sniffing them all! 


Just pretty pictures with the flowers x

My favorite man in the world x

With didi x

I'm pretty sure these are daffodils;

Oooooooh this is one of my favorite parts in the garden! As you may or may not know, I am overly obsessed with the color pink. You can see why now

They are just beautiful, aren't they. 

Then it was time to have some nom-noms. Pretty sure these were fakes 

WAAHHH. That Lipton tea costed me 4euros. I literally felt like killing myself.

Then we've entered Willem-Alexander, one of the pavilions that we've visited. There are four different pavilions in total. I do not quite get what it meant but they probably are just indoor gardens with display of larger and prettier flowers. 

They are super gorgeous <3

The other end of this Willem-Alexander pavilion leads to the back side of the map. We passed by a Japanese garden and went for a look around. To be honest, there were not much about it, just Japanese cherry blossoms and some zen waterfall. 

For some reason, we have arrived at a field of tulips. Being in that field was where we wanted to go to be honest. Walking in that field like it's just you and the tulips. Still, I love what we have been to so, so much!

Me just being me 

Clogs & Windmill once again

We passed by this pretty small section while walking back to the bus. I personally love this section so much cause it is pink and it's overly sweet x

More lavenders! 'Touch of snow' is definitely my favorite lavender after seeing this 

And we passed by one other pavilion, Oranje Nassau. We did not get to enter cause we were running out of time. It is such a shame but we managed to visited one. We've only got one full day to spend during that visit, so I thought we were quite good.

If you look closely, the tulips below are arranged the housing and shop areas in Amsterdam. It was just beautiful. 

It was definitely a great day x

Lots of Love,
zhi wei x

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