Thursday, 19 June 2014

The Beatles Story, Albert Dock

Hello theree!
I just realized that I have been traveling around from cities to cities but I have not really discover Liverpool itself, until I really had to. During the last Easter, mummy insisted on going to The Beatles Museum when she visited Liverpool.

The museum is located in Albert Dock. You can choose to buy the tickets online or on the day itself. The Beatles Story museum is associated with other attractions as well, such as Elvis's museum, 4D experience and many more. We only went to The Beatles museum during our last visit. I am not much of The Beatles fan but it is worth a visit. 

Personally, I prefer Elvis more than Beatles but I do not know much about both histories. 

Do I look like a rocker here? Aww yeah!

Everybody has got Beatles Fever..

... Meanwhile I have Mirror selfie Fever

The famous Yellow Submarine! I do know this song despite not listening to oldies very often.

Selfie in the very submarine!

The famous Imagine lyrics on the wall

I absolutely love this song. Simple lyrics yet such deep meaning x

A random visitor came by and placed that LFC scarf on the white piano. He then started taking pictures of his scarf with the piano using his camera. Left without taking his scarf. Random but okay.

Last but not least, picture with them main people.

I have learnt so much about them after this visit. Even mummy knows things better than I do. It was a walking tour around the museum. If you have got the ultimate ticket, there are more museums that you can visit at the pier head. For a person who does not know much about Beatles, I strongly suggest to visit this museum. You will not regret knowing more about them.

Lots of Love,
zhi wei x

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